Wednesday 7 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaMuslims attack Dalits again, demolish 50 houses of Musahars in Jharkhand

Muslims attack Dalits again, demolish 50 houses of Musahars in Jharkhand

Within 24 hours of the news of three brothers killing their sister's boyfriend because he was a Dalit in Basti, Uttar Pradesh — and a stalker burning a Hindu schoolgirl to death in Dumka — outraging the whole country, Muslims have demolished 50 houses of the Mahadalit community of Musahars in District Palamu, Jharkhand. The local police is waiting for a written application for action on the incident.

The Musahars of the Murumatu Mahadalit Tola are now wandering homeless, not sure where to take shelter. These Mahadalit families were living here for more than 30 years.

The families are forced to carry their belongings that they could save from the demolition.

Pandu, one of the Musahars, reached the police station with his complaint and pleaded for help.

On 29 August, a mob reached the Mahadalit Tola of Murumatu in the Pandu police station area. The mob demolished about 50 slum tenements. Muslims loaded the Musahars' belongings in vehicles and despatched them to Loto, ​​Chhatarpur.

These Musahars' slums were made of mud, branches, twigs and leaves of trees. The slum dwellers had a tacit understanding with the Muslims that the former would not be ousted from the village.

This settlement of Dalit families was next to the state highway Pandu-Chattarpur. The community would mostly beg for a living. No one from this Mahadalit community is educated.

The Musahars claim this is their land, but the Muslims have ousted them to conduct an Islamic event in the area. The victims say that they also have papers related to the land.

The Pandu police station is waiting for a written complaint to take action. Both parties to the dispute have been called to the police station.

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