Wednesday 7 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaMuslim women desecrate Durga murti in Hyderabad

Muslim women desecrate Durga murti in Hyderabad

Two Muslim women vandalised and desecrated a murti of Goddess Durga at an arena for the autumnal festival in Khairatabad, ​​Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana. Communal tension gripped the area since the incident.

Police have arrested the Muslim women. MR Chandra, the DCP of the central zone of Hyderabad, said that further into the matter was going on. 

Hyderabad Police said that the sisters, aged between 22-30, were not cooperating in the probe, adding that they were not revealing their names, nor were they telling where they came from.

The DCP said that police had identified the house of the women and, on reaching their apartment, found from the neighbours that the parents are also mentally unstable.

As per local police, the two women were first seen outside a church where they tried to vandalise a statue of the Virgin Mary placed outside. They then went to a Durga pandal, set up a few metres away from the church for the Navratri festival, and tried to vandalise the Durga idol there.

One of the Muslim miscreants, who arrived at the arena at 9 AM, carried a spanner. She tried to attack organisers who tried to stop the two women. Further probe is on, said the DCP.

Both these women were wearing burqas. Police suspect that they are mentally ill.

Police ruled out any links of the women with PFI as the incident comes amid a mega crackdown on the radical outfit and said that the women, a sister duo, were found to be mentally unstable.

The damaged portion of the Durga idol was fixed later.

The incident triggered a protest by the Vishva Parishad (VHP) outside the police station where the two women were being questioned. Police sources said a knife and a few other things were recovered from the two women.

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