Wednesday 7 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaMuslim student in AMU beats Hindu boy for not chanting 'Pakistan zindabad'

Muslim student in AMU beats Hindu boy for not chanting ‘Pakistan zindabad’

A student of MTech, a Hindu, has lodged a complaint of mental in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Uttar Pradesh, accusing a Muslim student of forcing him to chant "Pakistan zindabad" on gunpoint and taking the kalawa (the sacred thread religious Hindus wear after a ritual) off his wrist. 

The Hindu said some Muslims threatened his sister to wear a hijab or face consequences. Even a year ago, the suspect had tried to force the girl to wear a hijab on social media, her brother alleged.

Saket Kumar, a student living in a village of District Bulandshahr, is a first year MTech student from AMU. He made the accusation against Rehbar of AMU, Suleman Hall, saying the Muslim student was intoxicated at the time of issuing the threat.

Saket Kumar alleged that Rehbar attacked him with a knife and he suffered serious injuries in his head and arms. Fellow got him admited hurriedly to the medical college.

"Now that I have recovered, the police are paying heed to the complaint, asking me to share with them a report of the incident as in a narration," Saket Kumar said. Contesting this demand by the police, the aggrieved student, along with the people associated with a Hindu organisation, reached the Civil Lines police station. The police have assured action to the student.

Amit Goswami, a student leader associated with the Hindu organisation, said that the student of AMU's MTech had lodged a complaint, which said that a student named Rehbar of had raised slogans of Pakistan zindabad at gunpoint.

"It is highly condemnable to threaten the sister of a Hindu student, forcing her to wear a hijab, Goswami said.

"We have just spoken to the police officials. Immediate action should be taken against people who target pHindu students. There is a Yogi government in and Narendra Modi's government in the country and action is sure to be taken," the activists sounded optimistic. 

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