Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaMuslim scourge spreads to Andhra Pradesh; police blame Hindus

Muslim scourge spreads to Andhra Pradesh; police blame Hindus

In Alur, District Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, Muslims pelted stones at Hindus in a Hanuman Jayanti procession on 16 April as in Delhi and faced retaliation

As many as 15 people were injured in stone-pelting in Andhra Pradesh on the occasion of Jayanti when in Alur, District Kurnool, a Muslim mob attacked a Hanuman Jayanti procession as the largest Indian minority community had done the same day in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri. said clashes broke out between members Muslims and Hindus, following which stones were pelted from both sides.

“A clash broke out between members of two communities and stones were pelted from both the sides in Alur, District Kurnool, yesterday. Several persons were injured in the incident. were deployed on the spot. The situation is under control,” an official said. 

Several cases related to the incident, which occurred near a mosque, have been registered, the said, adding that Hindus provoked the flare-up.

“Vishva Hindu Parishad had organised Hanuman Jayanti celebrations in Holagunda in Allur, Kurnool. They used DJ sets against the advice of the police. When they went near the mosque, asked them to shut the DJ sets. But, they stopped in front of the and started raising slogans.”

“To this, the people from the Muslim community also started counter-slogans,” Kurnool SP, Ch Sudheer Kumar Reddy, told news agency ANI.

arrested 20 suspects based on videos of the incident. Interrogations with the suspects are underway.

“The situation in the area is peaceful and adequate civil and armed forces have been deployed,” SP of District Kurnool said.

Andhra Pradesh BJP president Somuveer Raju has demanded immediate arrests of those who attacked the Hanuman Jayanti procession.

Meanwhile in Karnataka, four policemen were injured after an incident of stone-pelting in Hubli that very day late in the evening. The authorities later imposed Section 144 in the area. 

Sources said a Muslim mob that had gathered outside a station suddenly turned violent and started pelting stones at the station and police vehicles.

In an effort to disperse the gathering, the resorted to lathi-charge but the Muslim mob went berserk then police used tear gas shells and dispersed them.

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