Sunday 23 January 2022
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With CAA as ruse, Muslim politicians quit MP BJP

Ever since CAA came in December 2019, it was becoming difficult for us to participate in our community events, one of the Muslim leaders said

In what could be an embarrassment for the party ruling at the or that for the community that has created an impression that it struggles to be loyal to anybody or anything except their very commune, about 80 Muslim politicians of BJP in Madhya Pradesh on Friday resigned from the primary membership of the party in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. They described the amended citizenship law (CAA) as divisive.

Rajik Qureshi Farsiwala, one of the resigning politicians, said that around 80 Muslim members have resigned from the primary membership of the BJP on Thursday by writing a letter to newly appointed National President JP Nadda.

Muslim politicians leaving the BJP have called the a divisive decision taken on religious grounds. These politicians include several officials of the BJP’s minority unit.

Farsiwala said, “Ever since came in December 2019, it was becoming difficult for us to participate in our community events. People ask us how long we will remain silent on a divisive law like CAA.” He said further that the oppressed refugees of every community should get Indian citizenship. “You cannot decide that a particular person is an intruder or terrorist based on alone,” he added.

“We can’t be going back to our community with contentious issues such as triple talaq, Ram temple-Babri Masjid, abrogation of Article 370 and so on,” Waseem Khan, the BJP’s Indore unit’s minority cell general secretary, told a television news channel.

In their letter to the BJP national president, Muslim politicians said, “Citizens have the right to equality under Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, but the BJP-led central government is implementing the on religious grounds.” It is against the basic spirit of the constitution to divide the country.

“The CAA, NRC and other such legislations are an attempt to create hate in the minds of the 85% of the population against those who roughly make 15% of the same. We can’t expect 31% illiterate people of the country to furnish their citizenship documents with ease,” Khan said.

Some resigning politicians are considered close to BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya. When asked about this, Kailash Vijayvargiya said, “I am not aware of the case, but if a person is humiliated for CAA, we will tell him about it.”

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