Wednesday 7 December 2022
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CrimeMuslim phone thieves' gang kill victim year after filing of mobile theft...

Muslim phone thieves’ gang kill victim year after filing of mobile theft case

A man was stabbed to death on a road in Sunder Nagri, Delhi, last night. The victim has been identified as Manish, a resident of the same neighbourhood. The have arrested members of a Muslim gang comprising Alam, Bilal and Faizan on the basis of suspicion.

The CCTV footage of this incident has surfaced. Sources in the say the reason for the is a case of theft of a mobile phone. The gang was constantly threatening complainant Manish to withdraw the case.

The CCTV footage shows some people in a street, with Manish approaching in the direction where the camera is installed. They grab Manish and slap him initially.

The assailants, who have been identified as members of a notorious gang of Muslim antisocial elements, stab Manish repeatedly with knives.  Two people, one on a and the other in a chair, watch the act of crime but no one comes to Manish's rescue. Some others pass by but do nothing other than watch the attack as voyeuristic spectators.

Other members of the Muslim gang had allegedly stolen Manish's phone a year ago.  Gang members Qasim and Mohsin had attacked him with knives too. They had stabbed his throat and stomach. The had arrested both, but the members of Qasim and Mohsin were constantly pressuring Manish to withdraw the case.

Manish was to appear in the case yesterday. The families of Qasim and Mohsin had said that they would kill Manish if the case was not withdrawn.  But, Manish appeared in the court and recorded his statement.

Three days later, the Muslim gang murdered Manish in front of his house.  

interrogation of the three arrested m suspects is on.

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