Saturday 10 December 2022
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CrimeMuslim organisers of Garba on being removed arrive with gang to disrupt...

Muslim organisers of Garba on being removed arrive with gang to disrupt event

Days after a bunch of Muslim men who had entered the Dandiya arena in Indore were apprehended, a similar Muslim ploy of stalking Hindu girls was foiled in the nick of time in Jaipur, thanks to the vigilance of the police, reports Asianet News.

The dandiya event in Jaipur was stopped much before the scheduled time due to the commotion that followed the detection of Muslim men at the Hindu festival. The organisers asked all visitors to return home.

The Garba programme had been organised at Narayan Vatika Marriage Garden in Murlipura at the Murlipura police station area of ​​Jaipur. bhajans were going on, with devotees performing Dandiya Raas to the rhythm.  Some Muslim men arrived at the arena and entered the dance floor while misbehaving with the guard at the entry gate.  The organisers called the police.

By then, several Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) activists had reached the venue led by Bajrang Dal convenor Sumit Khandelwal and district convener Hitesh Singh. They started checking the identity proof of every visitor.

The checking made the Muslim trespassers panic and they fled.

Two of the organisers of Jaipur Garba were Muslim

revealed that five organisers had made all arrangements for the Garba.  Two of these organisers were Muslims.

When the and Bajrang Dal people opposed it, the other three organisers agreed it was inappropriate. They removed the names of the two Muslims from the poster and also asked them to leave the organising committee.

Last evening, the removed Muslim organisers arrived with a gang to forcibly enter the Garba venue. When the guard tried to stop them, they misbehaved with him. Soon and Bajrang Dal activists arrived with cops from the Murlipura police station. The event was halted for about an hour.

The function remained disturbed till the end due to the commotion.

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