Thursday 30 June 2022
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Muslim neighbourhoods of Indore, Bhopal assault cops, health workers

In three Muslim areas in Indore, they attacked a constable with sticks, spat on cops, assaulted medical staff and, in Bhopal, knifed policemen

Notwithstanding the rapid increase in the cases of coronavirus disease (COVID) in Indore, certain Muslim neighbourhoods refuse to take the lockdown, meant to break the chain of contagion, seriously. When a police constable asked people gathering on the streets, disobeying the government instruction, to go home in Chandan Nagar area of ​​Indore, they started throwing stones at him, badly injuring the cop last evening. Even some women joined the attack on the constable.

The police launched a search operation to find the attackers after the incident and managed to arrest seven goons in this connection, all of them Muslim. Initially, the police apprehended Nasir, Saleem, Imran and Samir. Three other suspects were till then absconding.

Earlier, a similar incident had occurred in Tatpatti Bakhal.

A video of the Chandan Nagar incident has surfaced, in which miscreants looking like residents of the area are seen throwing stones at the cop who runs for his life but again with a colleague.

Later on, a team of 60 policemen led by the Chief Superintendent of Police Annapurna from Rajendra Nagar and the ASP Manish Khatri reached the spot (not in the video).

Police are identifying the accused based on the footage.

In the video, one can see how some people wielding sticks chasing and hitting the policeman.

The incident sparked off on Street No 10 of Chandan Nagar, Indore, where 10 odd youths boarded a van, violating the lockdown. When the policeman stopped them and asked why they had left their houses, the driver kept moving the car forward while others in the car said they were going to buy vegetables. As 10 odd people going to buy vegetables sounded absurd, the cop stood in their way.

That was when they started throwing stones at him. Constable Surendra Ahane sustained blows on his head, back and limbs in the attack.

Another Muslim area, same story

Another example of Muslim belligerence was witnessed at the cantonment intersection of Indore. On lockdown duty, policemen stopped two youths riding a motorcycle and asked them why they were out. Unable to explain convincingly, the two Muslim boys, who were not even wearing masks, abused the cops. Then they spat on the men in khaki.

Police arrested both of these residents of Jawahar Marg. They have been identified as Moiz Ali and Fazal Hussain Javadwala.

Tatpatti Bakhal in Indore: Assault on health workers

A week ago, health workers were attacked in the Tatpatti Bakhal area of Indore. These workers were screening people after detecting COVID-positive patients in the area.

The doctors and the medical team somehow saved their lives by running away. The accused were later arrested and under the National Security Act (NSA).

Indore reported 22 fresh cases of coronavirus today. That makes the total number of cases in the district 173. This Madhya Pradesh district is witnessing a rapid surge in the cases of COVID-19. It has claimed 15 lives in Indore.

Itwara in Bhopal: Police attacked

Elsewhere, a Muslim mob attacked a police team the day before yesterday (6 April) in the Itwara area of the ​​old city in Bhopal. Despite the lockdown, residents of this Muslim neighbourhood were roaming outside. When the police asked to respect the lockdown, they attacked the cops with stones and knives.

Talaiya SHP DP Singh said that around 20 locals were roaming close to a mosque in Itwara area on late Monday evening. When the men in uniform on patrol asked the crowd to retreat, two hardened criminals in the group — Shahid Kabootar and Mohsin Kachodi — along with their associates, assaulted them with knives.

Two policemen were injured in the Itwara area incident. Later, cops from the Talaiya police station arrested the accused and took action against them under the NSA.

Bhopal has registered the highest number of COVID cases in Madhya Pradesh. Yesterday, Bhopal reported 24 cases, taking the number of COVID-19 patients in the city to 85.

Meanwhile, the whole state reported 57 fresh cases. The number of COVID cases in Madhya Pradesh has risen to 313. So far in the state, 23 patients have died of the disease.

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