Wednesday 7 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaMuslim men threaten girl students inside Ranchi school

Muslim men threaten girl students inside Ranchi school

A bunch of Muslim men barged into Project Plus Two High School in Sadma, Ormanjhi, a suburb of Ranchi, wielding weapons, and threatened the girls to either befriend them or be ready to be abducted by them — in the midst of Teacher’s Day celebrations on 5 September.  The police were clueless about the incident until 10 September when the school convened a meeting of Muslims as well as Hindus to settle the matter amicably, but the two sides instead hit each other, with the police trying to intervene to prevent a communal flare-up.

The police later booked five suspects for creating ruckus and threatening school staff and students. 

This follows the gruesome burning of Class 12 student Ankita allegedly by a Muslim man in Dumka on 23 August. The police are raiding possible hideouts to arrest the five suspects. Ranchi SSP Kaushal Kishore has formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to look into the matter. “Named FIR against the five Muslim youths — Firdous Ansari, Suhail Ansari, Muzammil Ansari, Taufik Ansari, and Jameel Ansari — has been lodged, charging them of molestation, threatening and beating girls and school staff. It has been alleged in the FIR that they barged into Project Plus Two High School in Sadma at Ormanjhi, waved weapons and threatened to abduct girls,” said the officer in charge of Ormanjhi Police Station Rajeev Kumar Singh.

“The police were informed only after the situation got out of their control on Saturday, otherwise the FIR would have been lodged immediately after the September 5 incident,” said the officer in charge. 

Confirming the Teachers' Day incident, the school principal said that an altercation took place between the Muslim men and the school clerk, who intercepted them when he saw them heading towards the auditorium after they entered the school premises. “The clerk simply asked them to go back as they were not from the school. They get into a brief scuffle with the clerk and went out, but again came after some time with some more people brandishing weapons and threatening everyone there saying that they take the girls away with them,” said Principal Sebestini Kerketta.

The school management had warned these Muslim men earlier not to disturb the girls in the school and they had promised not to do it in future, but again, they came to the school and the incident took place on 5 September, the principal said.

According to school girls, Muslim men have been threatening and other Hindu girls studying in the school for the past few weeks. “One of our classmates has stopped coming to school for a month due to the threats given by the accused persons and lewd remarks passed by them,” said a student.

Meanwhile, state president Deepak Prakash said that Muslim appeasement was taking new shape every day in Jharkhand with the tacit support of the Hemant Soren government.

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