Friday 2 December 2022
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CrimeMuslim men getting caught sneaking into garba parties claiming to be Hindus...

Muslim men getting caught sneaking into garba parties claiming to be Hindus since Tuesday

Indore Police arrested seven Muslim youths who had entered a garba pandal in Indore with assumed Hindu names and were seen indulging in suspicious activities on 28 September. Activists of Bajrang Dal present there caught them filming girls.

When questioned, the Muslim men said wrong names and could not produce any identity proof. The activists then handed over the youth to the police, who registered a case against the suspects under prohibitory sections.

Bajrang Dal activist Rajesh Rathore said when he reached the pandal with co-activists, they saw these youths loitering around with an eye on groups of girls. “They were taking photos of girls from mobile and were also making videos. When one of our workers questioned them, they gave wrong names. One of them identified himself as Sandeep and others Bablu and Guddu. Later they were handed over to the police after their real names were revealed,” said Rathore.

All these Muslim men are residents of Moti Tabela and Malharganj neighbourhoods. The police produced them before a local court on Wednesday. The court released them on bail.

Meanwhile, Bajrang Dal activists thrashed more than three Muslim youth who were attending a garba event at different pandals in Ahmedabad on 27 September.

Since the first day of Navaratra, Bajrang Dal activists have been making surprise visits at various Garba venues in the city to create awareness about jihad among Hindu women.

As part of their practice, they put tilak on people’s forehead who come to attend garba events at pandals. They also ask for their ID cards. On finding some Muslims RK Party plot in Ahmedabad on Tuesday night, they thrashed them.

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