Wednesday 7 December 2022
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CrimeMuslim men constantly harassing Hindu women in Aligarh

Muslim men constantly harassing Hindu women in Aligarh

has become rampant in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, with Muslims facing allegations of and molestation. Several Hindu families have leveled allegations of and assault.

Muslims are pressuring the Hindus to leave the village, some Hindus alleged. One such case has been registered in Village Morthal. Many Dalit families here have alleged that Muslim youths molest girls and even beat them up when they protest.

Misceeay made graffiti on the walls outside Hindu homes that read: "यह मकान बिकाऊ है this house is for sale)"

On receiving distress calls from the Aligarh neighbourhood, the police reached the village and listened to the complaints of the victims. Police have registered a case against the suspects. The police is now also claiming that no one will be allowed to flee the village.

A victim said that four Muslim youths were using casteist slurs apart from abusing her. They were also making dirty gestures.

"I complained to my father in the evening and when he scolded the men, the men started beating them up. "They beat my father with the chain of a bicycle and dragged me from inside the house and abused me with filthy language. Incidents of misbehaviour by Muslims are rampant in Aligarh," she observed.

A man alleged that Muslim men come to his locality and misbehave with girls and women.

For the past few days, the terror of the boys increased more. On 4 September, when the girls were molested, the matter reached the police station.

The Dalit (Hindus) alleged that even the police were not cooperating in the and the village headman was pressuring them to suppress the matter and reach a settlement.

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