Wednesday 7 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaMuslim men caught, beaten inside Ujjain venue for Garba; Bajrang Dal complains...

Muslim men caught, beaten inside Ujjain venue for Garba; Bajrang Dal complains of police laxity

Three Muslim men were manhandled at a Garba venue last night in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Locals informed Bajrang Dal volunteers last night that three Muslim men had entered their pandal meant for a Garba event in the Kalidas Academy premises located on VIP Kothi Road of Ujjain city at around 11 PM. 

The Hindu activists began checking the identifying documents of all visitors immediately on reaching the venue. They announced from the stage if there were Muslims in the crowd, they must appear before the organisers or leave the pandal.  

While Bajrang Dal activists were checking ID cards of visitors, a suspicious young visitor held the hand of the volunteer, obstructing him from frisking. This raised an alarm and the volunteers slapped the suspect hard. The scuffle that ensued tore the shirt of the visitor. He had by then confessed he was Muslim.

Seeing the fate of this man, two other Muslim youths tried to flee the arena, but they were surrounded and beaten up on the road outside the pandal. Some cops rescued the two men outside the venue and took them to the police station.

Organisers rescued the Muslim man who was beaten up inside the Garba pandal by escorting him onto the stage.

Locals say the police released all the three Muslim men in the night without taking any action against them.

CSP Vinod Kumar Meena said that the police had received information that some men had been surrounded by some people at the Garba Pandal in the Madhavnagar area and they were Muslims where their entry was prohibited.

Meena said the cops took the manhandled men into custody and brought them to the police station and sent them for medical examination. "The matter is being investigated. Whatever action is taken, it will be legal," the officer said, adding that the families of the Muslim men were informed after their identification.

Bajrang Dal's district convener Ankit Choubey said that the organisation was told that some Muslim youths had been bringing girls to the Garba event at the Kalidas Academy for the past three days. "Our teams were alert. We announced from the stage if there was any Muslim youth in the arena, they must come forward and that film songs should not be played at the venue meant for the religious congregation to worship Goddess Durga."

"One of our volunteers intercepted a young man and asked him what his name was. The visitor gave away the names of two of his accomplices who then tried to run away."

"They were caught escaping the premises. We handed them over to the police.

Choubey insisted the Bajrang Dal did not believe in vigilante justice. "This is the of the police, whom the state home minister and culture minister have given clear orders.  Despite this, the police did not pay attention, which is wrong."

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