Wednesday 7 December 2022
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CrimeMuslim man tries to kill daughter, Hindu son-in-law near police station

Muslim man tries to kill daughter, Hindu son-in-law near police station

A man tried to kill his daughter and the Hindu man she had married some months ago in ​​Bharatpur, Rajasthan, yesterday. Nagma’s father, upset about his daughter marrying a non-Muslim, considered invalid by Islam, threatened to kill both of them.

Narendra, the Hindu victim, said he was a resident of the Namak Katra area and Nagma, the woman, lived in the neighbourhood, where the two used to socialise as neighbours would. They said they fell in love with each other and decided to get married, but as they hail from different religions, the Muslim family did not accept the relationship. Narendra and Nagma eloped on 22 February.

The woman's father Islam Khan lodged a case of ‘kidnapping’ at the station, which made the police catch both of them and bring them from Jaipur to Bharatpur. But by that time, the adult man and woman had married each other, which is permissible by law.

When Islam Khan came to know that the couple is at the station, he threatened to kill both of them. Narendra told the police that his was four months pregnant and he was taking her to the hospital the previous day on 28 July where Nagma's father saw them and followed the couple in an autorickshaw.

When the couple was near Gopalgarh, Khan hit them with the vehicle. The accident drew the attention of a crowd of passers-by. Khan brandished a country-made pistol at the couple but before he could shoot, too many onlookers had gathered at the spot, making him flee.

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