Thursday 26 May 2022
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Muslim man kills Hindu live-in partner on being pressured for marriage

The murder was executed with such stealth that the relatives who lived with the live-in couple did not realise when the Muslim man killed his Hindu partner and fled

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On 6 May in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, a Muslim stabbed his Hindu girlfriend Dolly to death with an axe after luring her with the promise of serving her sewai on the occasion of Eid. Police say Dolly and Pappu Khan were in a live-in relationship, putting up at a house in the Shivnagar locality, away from their respective spouses for the past one and a half years.

Following a dispute with his partner yesterday, the Muslim man killed her and fled. neighbours came to know of the murder this morning. The case is registered at the Govindpuri police station.

Dolly, 32, was married 11 years ago to Shankar Lal, a resident of Khatik Pada in Hariparvat, Agra. However, about one and a half years ago, her husband separated from her and she began living with Pappu Khan in Shivnagar.

On the day of Eid, the Muslim man took his partner with him to his village Jalalpur, where Pappu Khan’s wife protested and there was a ruckus. His wife had been fighting with Pappu Khan due to his unfaithful conduct for some time.

On the other hand, Dolly was pressuring Pappu Khan for marriage. The Muslim man ‘settled the issue’ by axing her to death last night.

This morning, Dolly’s was spotted by her sister Geeta. Seeing the dead body in a pool of blood, Geeta raised an alarm. Her cries drew neighbours who informed the police of the incident.

Following a preliminary investigation, the police learnt that Pappu Khan had killed Dolly under the pressure of marriage. The police have set up three teams to trace the murderer.

The suspect is a father of four children while the victim was a mother of two kids.

For the past few months, Dolly’s sister Geeta had been sharing the Shivnagar accommodation with her husband Devi Ram and children. Devi Ram drives an e-rickshaw.

The brother-in-law of the victim told the police that they had witnessed nothing out of the ordinary till 12 midnight. Devi Ram and Geeta had no when the murder was executed, they said. They got up in the morning and saw Dolly’s dead and were shocked.

Geeta told the police that Pappu Khan was with the couple until late Thursday night. Devi Ram and Geeta have no when and where the suspect escaped.

Geeta suspects Pappu Khan as the murderer. A preliminary investigation by the police unearthed the fact that the suspect worked as a driver of a vehicle owned by Anil Sharma, a resident of the Pappu Chowk market opposite Birla Mandir.

Sharma had entrusted Pappu Khan with the task of looking after his house in Shivnagar. Earlier, Pappu used to live in Shiv Nagar alone. He introduced Dolly as his wife one day and started living with him.

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