Saturday 10 December 2022
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CrimeMuslim man impregnates, kills minor Adivasi girl in Jharkhand

Muslim man impregnates, kills minor Adivasi girl in Jharkhand

The Muslim attack on Dalits and Adivasis continue with impunity in Jharkhand. A Muslim man first sexually abused a 14-year-old tribal teenager and after pressing for marriage, murdered her and hanged her body. The Adivasi girl's body was found hanging near Shriamda in Diggi's University OP station area on 2 August.  The body was identified on Saturday.  Police has the accused youth Armaan Ansari.

According to the family of the victim, the had gone to Dumka to work. Sometimes she would stay at her aunt's house in Jama station area. This was where she got acquainted with the suspect, a rajmistri (head mason).

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The Hindu family alleges that Armaan, a resident of Sriamada, sexually abused the first by luring her to marry. When the girl was four-months pregnant, the teenager started pressing the Muslim man for marriage.

Irritated by the constant prodding to marry the girl, Armaan first killed the teenager and then tried to pass off the murder as suicide by hanging the dead body.

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Yesterday, the relatives of the victim identified the body at the morgue where the autopsy was held and took possession of the body and brought it to the for the last rites.

The incident has gripped the area in Dumka in communal tension.

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Reacting to the incident, the leader of the opposition in the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, Babulal Marandi of the BJP, wondered how many more tribal girls in Jharkhand would fall victim to "such scoundrels". "When will this cycle of atrocities end?  Jihadi elements are digging the grave of Santal's cultural structure," Marandi said.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren issued a politically correct statement, saying, "I am saddened by the incident. As a brother, son and father, I believe that no crime can be accepted in a civilised society. Let's unitedly fight those who want to divide the country."

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