Saturday 24 October 2020

Muslim man decapitates Hindu wife after failing to convert her

Ejaz marries Priya against the wishes of her parents and, when she refuses to embrace Islam, murders her with the help of a Muslim accomplice

In another barbaric case of love jihad, Uttar Pradesh Police have found a woman’s beheaded corpse on the highway near Preet Nagar in Chopan police station area of ​​Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh. The cops arrested two Muslim men, including the woman’s husband.

The woman’s husband and his friend had murdered her for her unwillingness to convert to Islam, the accused have confessed. To hide the identity of the victim, the Muslim criminals had dumped the head and torso of the woman in two different places.

SP Ashish Srivastava said that the cops found the dead body of the woman in bushes on the Varanasi-Shaktinagar highway near Preet Nagar in Chopan at 4 PM on 21 September. The next day, a family that had been looking for their daughter who had gone incommunicado since her marriage with a Muslim man identified the body as that of Priya Soni (21), a daughter of Laxmi Soni of Preet Nagar.

Police recovered the head of the victim on 23 September.

The SP further said that Priya Soni’s father Lakshmi Soni had told the police that Priya had married a Muslim man Ejaz Ahmed, a resident of ward number seven in Preet Nagar in the neighbourhood without the consent of the family about one and a half months ago.

A joint team of police, looking for Ejaz ever since, arrested him on Thursday at around 5:30 PM on the basis of a tip-off. Police arrested accomplice Shoaib of Preet Nagar Chopan as well at the foot of the Bagha Nala bridge. Both were trying to flee the town.

During the interrogation by the police, Ejaz said that he had been pressuring Priya to convert to Islam since marriage. Priya never agreed, which led to regular marital discord as well as domestic violence by the Muslim man on his Hindu wife. Ejaz finally killed Priya with the help of his friend Shoaib.

Ejaz told the police he had confined Priya in a women’s home in Obra. As the Muslim man in custody began to sing, the police recovered one by one the victim’s mobile phone and the knife with which she had been murdered, an iron rod and shovel used to bury her.

The SP said that the department rewarded the police team that cracked the Priya case with a cash prize.

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