Saturday 28 May 2022
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Muslim man assaults converted wife after bigamy is exposed

The discovery of the first marriage of Ijaz before the marriage with her infuriated Apoorva-turned-Arfa whom her Muslim husband then attacked with a weapon

A man from Gadag of Karnataka brutally attacked his wife and left her battling for life in a after the woman converted from Hinduism learnt of another wife of the perpetrator and questioned him. The incident preceded their divorce petition hearing in a court by a few days.

Karnataka Police said that the inter-religious marriage of the couple had hit a rough patch when Apoorva Puranik-turned-Arfa Bano came to know of the first marriage of her husband Ijaz.

Apoorva, who was studying MBA in Hubli, had allegedly fallen in love with Ijaz who was an autorickshaw driver in the area where she lived. The couple got married in 2018 despite opposition from the girl’s family. As per the Islamic marriage laws where marrying a non- is haram (illegitimate), the had turned Apoorva into Arfa Bano before her nikah (contractual Islamic marriage) with Ijaz. The couple has a two-year-old child.

About six months ago, Apoorva learnt that her husband had been married earlier and that he had not divorced his first wife yet. According to the police, this led to acrimony in the marriage. A cheated Apoorva applied for a divorce and the petition was to come up for a hearing on 11 March. But the Muslim husband attacked his Hindu-turned-Muslim wife two days before that, assaulting her 23 times with a weapon. She is now battling for her life at the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences in Hubballi. The police have arrested Ijaz.

Apoorva’s mother Ashwin said her daughter was a in Hubballi and when Ijaz and she got married. “He would beat her often. We opposed the marriage but thought they will live happily. We didn’t know about his first marriage. When she got to know, she filed for a divorce. He had converted our daughter before marriage and changed her name to Arfa. He wanted her to not ask for a divorce, he would ask her to live the way he wanted,” said.

Meanwhile, several Hindu rights groups including the chief of Sri Ram Sene, Pramod Muthalik, called it a case of love jihad. “This is the latest example of love jihad. Marrying innocent Hindu women and then torturing or converting them is happening everywhere. We welcome the prompt action of the police to arrest him. But they have booked him under not so stringent sections. If he comes out of jail, we will thrash him. We demand stringent sections to be slapped against the culprit,” Muthalik said.

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