Thursday 9 December 2021
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Muslim ghetto turns COVID hotspot, exposing Soren govt

Of the total count of coronavirus infections in Jharkhand, 70% are from the Muslim-majority Hindpiri where CM Soren was fishing for plaudits last week

Four coronavirus-infected patients were detected in Jharkhand on Saturday, taking the total number of COVID-positive patients in the state to 63. Of the four infected today, three are from the Muslim-dominated Hindpiri area, which was in news recently for risking the health of Chief Minister and a whole lot of top bureaucrats of Jharkhand.

Out of the 42 patients of COVID found in the capital Ranchi, the number of infected people of Hindpiri alone is 40. The remaining two patients are residents of Bedo. It is clear that the state government making light of the Hindpiri issue cost Jharkhand dear.

Hindpiri has been in the news since the early days of coronavirus infection when 19 foreign Muslim clerics were caught in a raid by the police in the Badi Masjid here. They were quarantined at Khelgaon.

Of those infected, a Muslim woman hailing from Malaysia was the first to be detected as a carrier of coronavirus in the state. Subsequently, among these foreign clerics, an Islamic scholar associated with the Tablighi Jamaat from Trinidad and Tobago tested positive.

A series of COVID cases followed in this Muslim ghetto of state capital Ranchi thereafter, with two to four patients found infected with coronavirus every day here.

In the meantime, the administration grappled with the crisis, following all strictures, but the situation did not ameliorate. Panicked, many fled the Muslim ghetto, taking shelter in Lohardaga or Simdega, spreading the contagion.

Hindpiri, Ranchi, 26 April

Simultaneously, the ghetto reported incidents of spitting on health workers and assaulting policemen. The state government contemplated deploying Rapid Action Force but never did.

The Soren government arranged for groceries for the Muslim area, risking his own life in his quest to gain popularity with the Mukhyamantri Aahaar Yojana. Whether that made him more popular is doubtful, but the situation deteriorated no doubt.

Soon after the chief minister and high-ranking officers themselves breached the lockdown and also violated norms of social distancing — aggravating the crisis created by the Tablighi Jamaat — the scope of infection increased, with 70% of the cases in Jharkhand reported from the Muslim-majority Hindpiri of Ranchi.

Meanwhile pandering to the community continued, with the state government transferring four DSPs because the one in Lohardaga did not suit Muslim organisation Anjuman Islamia.

In a rather delayed move now, the state government has now cordoned off Hindpiri, closing all entry and exit points of the ghetto. The entire area is now sealed.

The administration has freshly installed CCTV cameras in the area. Drones are monitoring the entire locality. Security has been heightened. The state has also deployed a large number of around the ghetto.


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