Monday 23 May 2022
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Muslim engineer attacks guards of Gorakhnath Temple

Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi, an engineer from an IIT, confessed during the police interrogation that he wanted to send across a message through the incident

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A Muslim man attacked security personnel deployed at Gorakhpur’s Gorakhnath Temple on 3 April. Two policemen have been seriously injured in this incident. The suspect is a certain Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi.

The Muslim suspect had confessed he wanted to send across a message through the incident. Informed about the attack on the guards of the temple, police rushed to the spot. While the Chief Minister’s Office sought more information about the incident, the Uttar Pradesh Police headquarters in Lucknow have been alerted too.

Giving a jolt to the belief that “the Qur’an in one hand and a computer in the other” — famously said by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his ascension to power at the Centre — improves the mentality of the Muslim community, police have found out that the arrested Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi studied chemical engineering from IIT Mumbai. He lived in Mumbai with his family.

The educated Muslim man settled in Gorakhpur in October 2020. His told the police that Abbasi had left home on 2 April. He did not talk to anyone in the house. He rarely came out of his room, they said.

The attack on the guards was captured in the CCTV camera installed at the main gate of Gorakhnath Temple facing the Gorakhnath police station. Police are proceeding with the investigation with the CCTV footage as evidence. Police sources said they are trying to find out whether the accused was alone or he had an accomplice.

Along with the police in Gorakhpur, a team of the Uttar Pradesh’s Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) has joined the investigation. Police and ATS teams reached the house of the Muslim susoect located in the Civil Lines police station area and questioned relatives of the accused in turns. The interrogation is still going on at a private located near the house of the susoect.

The is examining a laptop recovered from the bag of the suspect found at the scene of the incident.

A team of cops searched Abbasi’s house and his room. MA Abbasi, the father of the suspect, has been an engineer too — employed in a private company. Post-retirement, he started living in Gorakhpur. Abbasi Sr had returned home from Mumbai the day the son left home. He tried to contact his son but could not get through, the old Muslim man told the police.

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