Saturday 23 January 2021
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Murshidabad workers killed by terrorists in Kashmir all Muslims

Workers from Murshidabad terrorists killed on Tuesday are Mansulin Sheikh, Kamaruddin Sheikh, Sheikh Rafiq, Naimuddin and Rafiqullah Sheikh

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Politics India Murshidabad workers killed by terrorists in Kashmir all Muslims

According to Kashmir police sources, the names of the labourers from Murshidabad of West Bengal who were killed by terrorists on Tuesday are Mansulin Sheikh, Kamaruddin Sheikh, Sheikh Rafiq, Naimuddin and Rafiqullah Sheikh. They were all from Sagardighi of Murshidabad (the village from where Bandhu Prakash Pal, killed by goons in Jiaganj on Dussehra, hailed from). The names make it clear the victims were all Muslims, dealing a blow to the worldwide Islamic brotherhood that terrorists swear by. It could not have been a case of mistaken religious identity because the labourers were lined up and shot dead.

Terrorists shot these labourers dead in Kulgam in south Kashmir’s Pulwama on Tuesday evening. Five more migrant workers were injured in the firing. The injured were reported to be from West Bengal, too. They had all gone to Kashmir to earn a living.

According to Kashmir police sources, terrorists opened fire on workers last evening, killing the five workers mentioned above. On preliminary inquiry, the police found out that the person who is injured is a Muslim, too: Zahuruddin. Immediately after the incident, security forces launched a search-and-kill operation.

Zahuruddin had left West Murshidabad for Kashmir to work as a daily-wage labourer. He has been living in the Valley in a rented house in the Katarasu village in Kulgam. The militants went to his house on Tuesday evening and shot him in the leg. The bullet was removed by surgery at the hospital. Physicians say he is out of danger.

The attack happened while the European Union’s parliamentary delegation was visiting Kashmir. They are talking to ordinary people in Kashmir. After the repeal of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, the EU representatives are in the Valley to find out how life in Kashmir is after its special status was withdrawn. But even before this visit, they had, through a resolution in the EU Parliament, supported the move by India and slammed Pakistan for exporting terror.

Terrorists began targeting non-Kashmiris since Indian Parliament withdrew Article 370. Truckers and other workers from different states of India are the prime militant targets. They are attacking those came here to eke out a living, as the local economy promises to improve in leaps and bounds in the absence of the discriminatory law.

In the last two weeks, truck drivers, none Kashmiri, have been shot dead. They were in Kashmir to fetch apples from orchards for wholesale markets in other parts of the country.

On 27 October, two non-Kashmiri truck drivers were shot dead in Shopian. The driver of a truck coming from Rajasthan was killed on 6 October in the hands of two terrorists. The terrorists shot him dead. The owner of the orchard was thrashed but his life was spared. But in that incident, too, the victim turned out to be a Muslim: Sharif Khan.

Just two days after the incident, Charanjit Singh, an apple trader in Punjab, was shot dead by terrorists. His partner was another businessman from Punjab.

Police say the terrorists are now targeting innocent people after failing to take on the security forces. Non-Kashmiri workers are a soft target. Police say the behaviour of militants is a manifestation of their ultimate frustration. Their primary aim is to project to the world that the people of Kashmir have not accepted the withdrawal of Article 370 although even in the presence of the law that discriminated between Kashmiris and other Indians, there was no let-up in militant strikes in the Valley.

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