Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Murder of Muslim man in Karnataka: Love jihad avenged?

Before his murder, an outfit had allegedly warned Arbaz Mullah to stay away from the Hindu woman he was stalking, but he refused to desist


A 25-year-old man was reportedly killed in Belagavi or Karnataka after it was discovered that he was ‘in love’ with a Hindu woman. The police are suspecting the role of a ‘right-wing’ outfit in the murder.

The in the case of murder was a certain Arbaz Mullah. His mother had filed a complaint alleging that her had been murdered by members of a right-wing outfit. A police officer said, “Arbaz was in a relationship with a from a different community. According to his mother, he was allegedly threatened before and a local activist had tried to extort money from him to spare him.”

His dead body was found on railway tracks in Khanapur taluk. His body was reportedly discovered in pieces, with the torso and legs severed and body parts strewn on the tracks.

The site was gory, eyewitnesses said. The body was found on 28 September.

For several hours, the body remained on the tracks as railway police arrived late at the spot. After recovering the body, the Belagavi railway police registered a case under Section 302 of the IPC.

Police sources said that Arbaz, who hailed from Azam Nagar in the city, was either in a relationship with a Hindu or was pursuing her.

After members of a so-called right-wing organisation suspected love jihad, they warned the man to stay away from the Hindu woman.

The propagandist media suspects that on the day of the murder, some members of the organisation summoned Arbaz to the city and, after a scuffle, killed him. Later, this section of the media claims, the killers dumped the body on the railway tracks.

Initially, the railway police had probed the matter and lodged a case of murder. A senior police official from the railway department said that after preliminary investigation, the department handed the case over to district police headed by SP Laxman Nimbaragi.

Police sources said the Hindu ’s family members had been detained for questioning.

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