Sunday 19 September 2021
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Murder of kho-kho player: Audio of victim begging for mercy surfaces

Residents of the area are shocked by the murder of the former national player at a place thickly populated, with a police post just 100 m away

Days after the brutal murder of a national kho-kho player in District Bijnor of Uttar Pradesh, an audio clip of the victim crying, screaming and begging for her life, has gone viral. 

The 24-year- victim was on a call with a friend when she was allegedly raped and killed near railway tracks in the district. 

Two days after her murder, a 1 min 41 s* audio clip surfaced in which she is heard screaming and desperately seeking help during the assault.

The woman’s friend, who was on the call with her, kept saying ‘hello’, trying to know her location, as the victim cried in pain before falling silent. Police in Bijnor have filed a case of rape and murder.

The player was murdered on 10 September when she went for an in a school. People in the area are shocked by the news of the murder at a place thickly populated, with a police post just 100 m* from the crime spot

The friend handed over to the police the recording containing the sportsperson’s purported voice. The victim’s phone is missing. The matter came to light after the victim’s brother called her but her phone was found switched off.    

The victim was dragged to railway sleepers and the attackers then violated her. The victim’s hair were also disheveled and her body had bruises, report said.

The victim had struggled a lot with her tormentors before she gave up, it seems. Police have found a broken tooth of the victim and some on the crime spot. 

The police some suspects with the help of an audio clip shared by a friend of the victim, who was on call when the incident took place. The suspects Shahzad aka Khadim, who worked as a labourer at the railway station, saw her and dragged her to the cement railway sleepers and attempted to rape her.

The police recovered a slipper and two broken buttons of a shirt from the crime spot, which belonged to the suspected.

The police found nail marks on the suspects’s back which were allegedly made by the girl when he was forcing himself on her. The samples have been sent for forensic examination to confirm if the nail marks matched the woman’s DNA.

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