Saturday 21 May 2022
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Mumbai rail project worth ₹10,000 crore approved

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New Delhi: The Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved the Mumbai Transport Project Phase-III which is estimated to cost Rs 10,947 crores on completion.

Western Railways is already running suburban services between Virar and Dahanu Road, which is part of the Mumbai–-Delhi route. Constructing this new line will provide extension of suburban services from Churchgate station to Dahanu Road, while the Panvel-Karjat double line can cater to increasing commuter pressure on this corridor. This will also provide alternate route from Karjat to CSTM via Panvel which will be shorter by 23 Km than the existing route via Kalyan and will reduce travel time between CSTM to Karjat by 35 to 40 minutes in slow trains.

The Pavel-Karjat line project is estimated to be around Rs 2618 crores and the Virar-Dahanu additional lines have an estimated cost of Rs 2899 crores, while the elevated connector between Airoli and Kalwa will cost Rs 428 crores. The Airoli-Kalwa corridor is aimed to reduce congestion at the junction station of because till now passengers travelling from Kalyan to Vashi/ Panvel, or vice versa, had to get down at Thane and change lines.

The Mumbai suburban railway network on Central and Western Railways has 376 km route. There are five corridors, two on Western Railway, two on Central Railway and one on the Harbour Line of Central Railway. Everyday approximately 8 million people travel in suburban section in more than 2,900 train services.

Earlier, the NITI Ayog had given its to the MUTP-III project.


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