Monday 25 October 2021
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Mumbai Police ‘assaults, arrests’ Arnab Goswami

More than a dozen cops of Mumbai Police reached the apartment of Arnab Goswami in the Parel neighbourhood at 6:30 AM, cordoned off the building, manhandled the journalist and arrested him


Republic TV and Zee News have claimed a while ago that Mumbai Police assaulted and arrested journalist Arnab Goswami at his residence. The police “physically assaulted him and put him in a police van, went in without any summons, documents or court papers”, the website of Republic TV reported.

According to the named websites, more than a dozen policemen reached Arnab’s residence this morning in Mumbai’s Parel at 6:30 AM. The cops, the sites say, “blocked all the entry and exit points soon after”.

Mumbai Police blocked Republic Media Network’s Editors Niranjan Narayanswamy and Sanjay Pathak from entering Arnab’s house too.

“Republic Media Network’s management and editorial staff have endured over 150 hours of questioning in a variety of cases that are beyond the initial fraud TRP matter, including Republic’s Senior Associate Editor Shawan Sen, Executive Editor Niranjan Narayanaswamy Output Editor Sagarika Mitra, Senior Associate Editor Shivani Gupta. The journalists maintained that they won’t reveal their sources,” Republic TV‘s website has claimed.

Mumbai Police assaults, arrests Arnab Goswami

API Sachn Vaze, known in Mumbai Police as an ‘encounter specialist’, has confirmed that Arnab Goswami was arrested in a closed case! It has nothing to do with the TRP case where Republic TV claims it was actually India Today that the BARC had indicted in its report.

Mumbai Police has reportedly taken Goswami to the Raigad police station after “assaulting” the journalist.

Earlier, Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh had alleged that Goswami was “the biggest hawala operator in the city of Mumbai”. Blasting the claim of the compromised officer who was seen hobnobbing with the family of at a time when the chief minister’s son and Maharashtra minister Aaditya Thackeray was suspected to have played a role in the mysterious death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Goswami insisted that his television channel sustained only on the “blessings of the viewers”.

Goswami brought to the viewers’ attention a piece of paper that is framed in his office. Speaking on ‘The Debate’ on Tuesday, he said that the document showed the first week of television ratings when Republic TV was launched, he recalled that the channel topped the charts then itself.

“The Param Bir Singh-led Mumbai Police filed an FIR against the entire editorial team of the Network, invoking a 1922 British Raj-era law that had last been used in the Emergency-era,” Republic TV reported.

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