Tuesday 17 May 2022
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Mumbai Metro to start from Monday, Monorail from Sunday

The state on 14 October recorded 10,552 COVID-19 cases and 158 fatalities, while Mumbai recorded 2,211 cases with 48 fatalities

The Mumbai Metro-1 (Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar) and Monorail (Chembur-Jacob Circle) are all to start services after being closed since due to the to the COVID-19 -induced nationwide lockdown. While the Central government allowed Metro services to resume in September, the Maharashtra government was sceptical of reopening services as the state has one of the highest number of COVID-19 cases. The state on 14 October recorded 10,552 COVID-19 cases and 158 fatalities, while Mumbai recorded 2,211 cases with 48 fatalities.

Here are the safety protocols being put in place before the Metro and Monorail resume services

For the Metro

  1. Commuters will be asked to occupy alternate seats and stand on designated floor markers inside the trains.
  2. No plastic tokens will be issued. Instead commuters will be requested to opt for digital tickets, smart cards or paper QR tickets.
  3. Commuters will be expected to wear masks and practise social distancing at all times.
  4. Entry points at every station will be limited in order to ensure effective crowd management, screening and further movement in station areas. Suitable communication and directions for the same will be displayed for commuters to guide them to the nearest entry gate.
  5. Every commuter who enters a Metro station shall be screened by non-contact thermal screening devices.
  6. The temperatures inside the coaches will be maintained at 25-27 degrees Centigrade and fresh air supply will be increased by adjusting the damper opening. Train doors will remain open for 30 seconds at all stations and 180 seconds at terminal stations to let fresh air into the coaches.
  7. Arrangements are being made to maintain social distancing at all touch points: station entry gates, ticketing counters, frisking areas, platforms and trains.
  8. Metro One has also created a health committee to see to it that protocols are followed. Commuters’ concerns will also be addressed by this committee.

For the Monorail

  1. The Mumbai Monorail will not allow passengers without masks.
  2. Only passengers with an Aarogya Setu mobile app, showing safe status, will be allowed on the train.
  3. Commuters can only occupy alternate seats on the train.
  4. The Monorail will not issue any plastic tokens, paper tickets.
  5. Passengers will be screened at the entry gate.

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