Sunday 26 June 2022
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Mukesh Ambani not moving to London, says Reliance

A newspaper had claimed Mukesh Ambani would hereon be dividing time between Antilia in Mumbai and the newly bought Stoke Park estate in London

India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani is not relocating to London, Reliance Industries has said in a statement. In a brief release issued last evening, the conglomerate categorically rubbished the media reports that had claimed Ambani, and his family will be dividing their time between their Mumbai abode and newly acquired property.

Terming the newspaper report as “unwarranted and baseless speculation”, Reliance Industries has said that Mukesh Ambani has no plan to relocate to London “or anywhere else in the world”.

Clarifying about the Buckinghamshire country club, the RIL group company RIIHL (Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings Limited), which has bought the 300-acre Stoke Park estate, said in the statement that the heritage property had been acquired with an aim of ‘enhancing’ it into a premier sporting and golfing resort.

The group said that it would comply with local rules and other planning guidelines.

A newspaper had recently reported that the Reliance group had bought the ultra-exclusive property for Rs 592 crore. The report had claimed that Mukesh Ambani, who lives in India’s financial capital Mumbai at a plush 4,00,000 square feet residence, would be dividing time between Antilia and Stoke Park estate.

There were also several accounts of the family of Mukesh Ambani spending Diwali in London this year. A ‘mini hospital’ has been set up in estate, the report claimed.

While the Reliance statement has denied Mukesh Ambani making the Buckinghamshire country club his second home, there was no comment on the billionaire’s frequent visits overseas.

The 49-bedroom property has a temple, which is identical to the Jamnagar and Mumbai houses of Mukesh Ambani. After 1908, the Stoke Park mansion, which has briefly been a private residence, was transformed into a country club. The Stoke Park estate has served as the upmarket location in two of the James Bond series movies.

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