Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Mufti: Get married to 3 divorcees, I’ll get you a virgin minor as the fourth

This mufti is a member of the Tablighi Jamaat that made news earlier this year for spreading coronavirus in India with Chinese collaboration


Mufti Tariq Masood, considered an Islamic scholar in Pakistan, says in this video, divorced women are preferable as partners if a Muslim man is looking for four wives. He says divorced women are more matured and “of your level’ to a congregation of believers.

The mufti says marrying an unmarried or virgin would be alright if one thinks of marrying only once.

Advising the polygamous Muslims about the ‘virtues’ of divorced women, the cleric says since such women have been abandoned once, they are more likely to treat the subsequent marriages more cautiously.

The most outrageous comment is reserved for the climax. Here, the mufti says among the virgins he promises, there could be girls who are minors.

Antecedents of Mufti Tariq Masood

This mufti is a member of the Tablighi Jamaat that made news earlier this year for spreading coronavirus in the country with impunity — perhaps with Chinese collaboration.

The mufti is notorious for utterly misogynistic comments too. During a lecture in 2018, Mufti Tariq Masood presented four differences between a woman and charas (cannabis). Before defining each difference in detail, he recited Kalma-e-Tauheed so that nobody could point a finger at his credibility.

The cleric said that Allah had created a woman for a man “on-demand”. He made a woman charming and beautiful so that a man could get attracted towards her and find a legal way to “own” her. “But there is no halal way to get charas!” he remarked.

“No one could like charas at first because of its bad smell and taste. But a woman has an appealing personality due to which even prophets and their companions get attracted to her,” the mufti thus explained the second difference.

“Third,” he said, “a woman can get attracted to a man by her own choice but cannabis never makes you an addict on its own.”

“The fourth one is the same as the first with a little addition,” the mufti said, “Aankh matakka tab shuru’ hota hai jab mard aur aurat donon’ ke dil ek dusre kii taraf mayaal hote hain [the affair begins when the hearts of the man and the woman get attracted to each other].”

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