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Mriganka Singh, Kairana by-election loser, denied ticket by BJP

RLD’s Tabassum Begum, supported by the SP and BSP, had defeated BJP’s Mriganka Singh by 44,618 votes in the Kairana Lok Sabha by-election


[pullquote]This post contains: 1. Why Hukum Singh’s daughter Mriganka had lost the Kairana bypoll
2. States covered by BJP’s latest list of candidates
3. Reason for this order of announcing candidates[/pullquote]

New Delhi: BJP released yet another list of 11 candidates for the upcoming election on Saturday afternoon. The party has not re-nominated Hukum Singh’s daughter Mriganka Singh from the Kairana seat of Uttar Pradesh. Mriganka Singh was the BJP from Kairana seat in the Lok Sabha by-election.

The party has fielded Pradeep Chaudhary from Kairana. On the other hand, Yashwant will be the BJP from Nagina and Bhola Singh will contest from Bulandshahr.

In this list, the party has declared the names of six candidates of Telangana, three of Uttar Pradesh and one each of Kerala and West Bengal.

The BJP had earlier released a list of 51 candidates that had 13 candidates of Andhra Pradesh, six from Maharashtra, five from Odisha and one each in and Assam. Most of these seats will witness voting in the first or second phase.

Polling will be held in the third phase in Puri where the BJP’s most recognisable spokesman Sambit Patra is contesting. The party has declared almost 250 of its candidates so far in four rounds.

Why BJP lost Kairana

Sirf had carried a report in June 2018 that quoted a senior BJP as saying that, traditionally, a higher polling percentage has always worked in favour of the party. To begin with, the winning margin of Tabassum Begum, the joint opposition fielded by the RLD in Kairana seat, was 44,618 votes over Mriganka Singh of the BJP.
Compared to this, in 2014 general elections, BJP’s Hukum Singh had defeated his nearest rival by a huge margin of 2,36,828 votes, he said.

Again, during the 2014 elections, polling percentage in Kairana was 73.10%, as compared to 54.17% in May 2018 when the by-poll took place. The analysis appeared here.


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