Mother of patient says ready to die, doctors must get justice

The mother of a child admitted in the hospital says, 'Mamata is not a mother; so, she cannot relate to my pain,' adding the doctors are taking good care of the child


Kolkata/New Delhi: It is normal to see patients hassled during a strike called by the doctors. But the situation in Bengal has now turned so much against the Trinamool government that patients are ready to suffer and yet ensure that the nationwide agitation by doctors does not fail. In this video received from Kolkata, a patient’s mother is heard saying she is ready to die but the doctors must get justice.

Last Monday (10 June), the inability of a team of doctors at the Nil Ratan Sircar and Hospital to revive an aged patient led to a mob of 200 odd Muslims, who arrived in trucks, assaulting the medical practitioners.

Following the incident, doctors of the medical college, and then their peers across the State and finally the country went on a strike. On Friday, doctors in Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and several other States of the country demonstrated as a mark of solidarity with the assaulted doctors in Bengal.

This mother of a patient in the video is so agitated that she gets personal in her on Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The mother says, “Mamata is not a mother; so, she cannot relate to the pain of a mother.” She adds that her child is admitted to the hospital and the doctors are taking good care of the child and others in the ward. “As a mother, I am moved, but the chief minister wouldn’t understand that,” she says.

The patient, who identifies herself as Khadija Mandal, says, “Whatever the doctors are doing, they are doing it for us. After all, they save our lives. If for them, we have to sacrifice our lives, I am ready for it.”

“You do not know how much support the doctors are getting from the people,” Khadija says, lending support to the striking doctors’ demand, “The chief minister must come here and apologise. The agitation you see now is nothing. This is going to snowball into something much larger if the chief minister does not mend her ways.”

Khadija finally appeals to the media to spread the message of the demonstrating doctors and the people supporting them across the country.

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