Saturday 21 May 2022
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Most users rubbish Flipkart and Snapdeal

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New Delhi — This morning, in response to full, front-page advertisements of the two e-commerce companies in leading newspapers, this correspondent asked his Facebook friends which of the two companies was offering better deals. Few responded to the question asked; most alleged they were both cheating their customers.


Here are their responses (edited only for grammar):

Amitabh Chiranjeev: It is all rubbish. All products refurbished or sold out and out of stock! Beware!

Manik Bhardwaj: None, sir. I bought at least 4 pairs of shoes from them; none looks fresh; they come with wrinkles on them already.

Subroto Chakraborty: I reached office at 8:30 am to a laptop at Rs 16,000. They fooled me. I am now cursing Flipkart.

Vinodh V Krishna: Internal error! Server down!

Pawan Vyas: LOL, I logged in at around 8:05 am; at least 6-7 things were sold out in 5 minutes! It seems like an act of deceit to make people buy items in a hurry and in panic. I still remember how Flipkart sold that Mi or something smartphone in 5 seconds. Nice try, Flipkart!

I must say though, there are fairly decent deals on watches, especially on Citizen, Swiss Eagle and similar brands on which they are offering 35% of the price off. Also some Timex and Hugo Boss watches are for sale at 55% discount. The 10am ‘Steal Deals’ on Flipkart are also sold out instantly. Nice way to generate traffic on their website!

Overall, it is not worth the hype.

Sahil Todankar: Nokia Lumia 1020 for Rs 20,000 and HTC Desire 816 for the same price! Very, very good deal!

Prasanna Balaraman: (Sharing a blog-link) “Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day – a pricing SCAM?”

Abhijit Neogy: Because of this offer I became helpless at home as I found no alternative but to order a small amount gift for my daughter after at least 2 hours of persuasion to explain that no crazy deals are available failed.

Ranjit Kumar Dash: It’s still a steal!

(Quotes Marut Mitra) “New generation of greedy bania(s). Most of online shopping portals are run by sons and daughters of already established Indian business houses.
Just a new way…same old fraud.beware!”

Aniruddha Badola: I don’t know how many of them are run by “greedy bania(s)” with family-run retails businesses, but I am sure these e-commerce sites have been instrumental in creating a revolution in India. Jobs, logistics, technology and cheaper prices will be seen in the next 5 years.

Why defame a community? Earning money is a not bad thing. Would you prefer Amazon to loot us?

Marut Mitra: I am not defaming any community. I am pointing out a weakness noticed in the behavioural pattern of a community.

Aniruddha Badola: Sorry, but I don’t agree.

Amitabh Chiranjeev: You just show Indians a free lollypop and they all go crazy. Ridiculous! On the other hand, look at our marketing skills. They achieved what they wanted to.

Aniruddha Badola: Such sales are held all over the world. What did Flipkart achieve?

Amitabh Chiranjeev: Frankly I don’t know. I think they just wanted to see how many of us visited the Flipkart site. And of course many of them purchased the usual products on sale.

Pawan Vyas: Have you ever seen the Thanksgiving sales in US hosted by Newegg, TigerDirect, WalMart, Amazon, etc.? Those are actual crazy sales. What Flipkart is doing is basically generating tons of traffic on their website without actually having anything credible on sale. I use Flipkart regularly and I’m aware of most of the prices, what they’ve done is beefed up the price for a certain item by 25-30% more and then applied 50% off on that item, which means on its original price you are only saving 25-20% or even less. I noticed this with a couple of external HDDs that were priced at Rs 3,500-4,000 before the sale and suddenly their listed MRP on Flipkart exceeds Rs 5,000!

The only genuine thing I have seen so far is the wrist watch category. But given all these rumours about them selling refurbished items etc, I’m now hesitant to place an order there.

Aniruddha Badola: I agree with the remark on TG sales. But that kind of sales also happens in physical stores. So there is a culture in the US. What we are accusing Flipkart of doing is also done by physical stores in India, and quite brazenly.

Flipkart and Snapdeal are trying to inculcate America-type sales culture in India. If you say they have jacked up the prices and are selling refurbished items, it is totally unethical.

Marut Mitra: My last comment was on bania weakness — greed —and that is what these portals are doing.

Jayapalan: Snapdeal is much better. I was looking for a pair of Nike/Adidas running shoes. On Flipkart they are selling size 6 shoes at a discount. Regular sizes are either unavailable or they come for double the prize. Do we look like dwarves, Flipkart?

Surya Prakash Loonker: A great thing about Snapdeal and Flipkart is that, after you buy anything you want, use it for a few days, weeks or months, you get a ‘return ticket’ when you don’t like it anymore or it stops working. They will take it back and give you full refund. All you have to say is that the merchant delivered a bad product. Amazing, isn’t it? You use any product of any price for any length of time for free! Start buying and get your money back when you are done using it!

Kunwar Rana Singh Rahul: On Flipkart a few days ago Joe Black brand aviator sunglasses, for example, were priced around Rs 600-800. Today the same glasses more than Rs 1,000 after a 30 % discount! There was no exchange or cash-back on either offer.

Sourav Mishra: None of these sites are offering good deals. Same deals are on Amazon.

Surya Prakash Loonker: Snapdeal and Naaptol are bad sites. They are cheating customers and merchants alike. Merchants are contemplating filing a case against them both. These sites will possibly shut down.

The opinions expressed above are personal. They are not shared by the correspondent who has never visited the said sites to purchase anything. सिर्फ़ NEWS does not vouch for the views of respondents who reacted to the Facebook update voluntarily.

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