Moon Moon Sen’s ‘late bed tea’ comes in way of Asansol news

'I have been very busy. You have no idea how many meetings I have done,' Moon Moon Sen said, just in case…

Moon Moon Sen bed tea

Asansol: Hours after the Bengal chapter of the fourth phase of Lok Sabha election grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons, TMC candidate from Asansol Moon Moon Sen has claimed she did not get the news of violence from her constituency as she was served bed tea quite late this morning.

The attack on MP Babul Supriyo’s car in Asansol, miscreants fleeing with EVMs in Birbhum and the bombing of a voter’s house in Shantipur had by then made news in the national media. When some journalists asked Sen about the news of the violence in Asansol, she told them she did not have the information.

Moon Moon told a television channel, “They gave me my bed tea very late so I woke up very late. What can I say? I really don’t know.”

The Trinamool had decided to field Moon Moon Sen in Asansol to challenge the sitting MP of BJP from the constituency Babul Supriyo. The comment shows she couldn’t care less.

“Trinamool has won the seat. Now let’s see what happens,” she said.

Asked about the charge of Babul Supriyo against her party, Moon Moon Sen said, “Don’t utter his name, please. I won’t talk then.”

Moon Moon Sen, 65, took recourse to the two-wrongs-make-a-right refrain while dealing with the question of persistent violence in Bengal across different phases of the election, telling a young reporter, “You were too young to see or recall the communist rule. It is all over India, not just Bengal.”

Her “bed tea” remark might have been tickling many to laughter now, but she insisted at the time of the interview that she has been very busy. “I have been very busy. You have no idea how many meetings I have done,” Moon Moon Sen said, walking away from the camera frame.

Reports of violence in Asansol and other parts of Bengal, in the meantime, have reached the Election Commission, with both the BJP and the Trinamool lodging complaints against each other.

Supriyo accused TMC workers of holding booths to ransom and preventing citizens from voting. The Trinamool, on the other hand, has accused the BJP of frightening the people.

The Trinamool has accused even the central forces of bias.

The fourth phase of voting is going on in 72 Lok Sabha seats across nine states. Meanwhile, villagers of the Jamua polling booth under the Asansol Lok Sabha constituency in West Bengal have boycotted the election, complaining of Trinamool workers’ hooliganism. Other villagers have been assaulted in the large Asansol constituency while such reports are arriving from other parts of Bengal that were supposed to vote today.

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