Monday 25 October 2021
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Monika Bhardwaj pleaded as lawyers pounced on her: Video

A new video of the clash of 2 November outside the Tis Hazari Court has surfaced where DCP North Monica Bhardwaj appears at the mercy of a bunch of marauding lawyers


A new video has surfaced of a clash between lawyers and police at the Tis Hazari Court Complex. In this video, DCP North Monika Bhardwaj is seen pleading with the lawyers to calm down, but the herd of lawyers swarms all over and then pounces on her. Hundreds of lawyers appear to be pushing DCP North Monika Bhardwaj and her security personnel backwards.

A video of the violence on 2 November surfaced yesterday, in which police officer Monika Bhardwaj is seen protecting some policemen from lawyers.

The DCP has alleged that she was assaulted during the violence. Not only this, the woman officer said that in the meantime, her service revolver was snatched and it has been missing since then. The allegation appears to have come as a second thought to her as, until 7 November, she was reported to be not in the frame of mind to pursue the case. Monika Bhardwaj was, in fact, being counselled by her colleagues not to take the matter to the court. Consider yesterday’s report:

Police spokesperson Anil Mittal has said that the statement of Monika Bhardwaj will be added to the FIR being prepared in the incident.

Taking note of the video showing the scuffle with DCP North Monica Bhardwaj surfaced, Chairperson of Women’s Commission Rekha Sharma said, “I condemn it. I am taking suo motu cognizance of this matter and will write to the police commissioner of Delhi and the Bar Council.”

Last Saturday, a dispute broke out between lawyers and policemen in the premises of Tis Hazari Court over the parking of some lawyers’ cars near the lock-up vans outside the court. Both the groups turned violent in turns on seeing it.

Around 21 policemen were injured in the violence between the lawyers and the police whereas the Delhi High Court in its wisdom took the decision to punish a few cops — two were suspended — based on prima facie evidence while holding no lawyer responsible until an inquiry into the matter was completed.

Some lawyers were hurt in the melee, too. A lawyer, who the police shot at, had to be hospitalised.

Hundreds of policemen staged a protest the next day outside the police headquarters and demanded action against their seniors for failing to protect them.

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