Monday 27 June 2022
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Money Heist actress’s house adorned by Ganesha still viral

Spanish actress Esther Acebo, who rose to international fame for her role as Mónica Gaztambide aka Stockholm in Money Heist, is endearing to Hindus

Quite a few weeks ago, a photograph of Spanish actress Esther Acebo, who rose to international fame for her role as Mónica Gaztambide aka Stockholm in the hit Netflix series La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist, had gone viral on social media for showcasing an image of Ganesha in her drawing-room. The news is, it’s still spreading wildly on the webspace, with people wondering how far the influence of Hinduism has reached.

The anarchist Netflix drama — that unfortunately celebrates robbery — has seen enough action, romance and emotional arcs around its prime cast member. Esther’s character is one such member of the cast who went from being a secretary at the Royal Mint of Spain to joining the gang as Stockholm.

As the Money Heist series came to an end last month, a user on Instagram shared a picture of Esther Acebo where she is seen standing behind a painting of Hindu deity Lord Ganesha. The post claims that the painting of the Hindu deity was spotted in one of her videos and it was hanging on the wall of her house.

The picture in the Instagram post seems taken during Esther Acebo’s live session on the audio-visual medium, as the videos on her handle were unavailable. Money Heist fans in India are now excited to see their deity on the Spanish actor’s home.

Previously, Money Heist’s character Inspector Raquel Murillo won the WWW space with her rendition of Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen’s popular 1990s’ track “Chunari Chunari”. The song from the film Biwi No 1 has been one of the superhits from the actors’ playlist.

Not only fans but also actress Sushmita Sen, who features in the song with Salman Khan, was taken by surprise. Take a look:

Season 5 volume 2 of Money Heist was released on streaming platform Netflix last month and young people across the world absolutely loved it unmindful of how the series pushes the idea that revolts against the state is cool.

Sceptics are saying Hindus must not be swept off their feet by the image of Ganesha in the backdrop of actress Esther Acebo, as she is in all likelihood unaware of the significance of the deity. A few have questioned her choice of clothes while posing before a god. On the other hand, those celebrating say this is a positive of Hinduism, no doubt. Read this post and also the comments under it:

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