Sunday 23 January 2022
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Money Heist: 1 cat plays 2 roles & other mistakes

But YouTuber TuttoCiak noticing that the animal had made another appearance in the second episode of the fifth season of Money Heist is one of the minor errors

Netflix unveiled the final episodes of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist in the dubbed English version) on 3 December. Since its release three weeks ago, the series has retained its position in the Top 10 rankings and trends on the platform. Money Heist has also always elicited a lot of comments, whether positive or negative. The credibility of the series has always been questioned though — since its launch and its phenomenal success. This happens with all successful web series and films that a section of the audience gets into a fault-finding mission. In Money Heist, the issue is with the cat.

Same cat made to appear different in Money Heist

Introduced in the third season of the series, Detective Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) has the goal of hunting down the gang of robbers, led by the ‘Professor’. And some may have noticed that she had a cat in her possession.

Alicia hands over the animal, named Commissioner, to a man before leaving her apartment in the Season 4 finale. A more observant viewer, YouTuber TuttoCiak noticed that the animal had made another appearance in the second part of the fifth season. This same cat was said to have been seen in a scene where Alicia Sierra and the Professor hid in an apartment so as not to be found by the police.

The error may not be gross, but if the resemblance is striking, it’s difficult to assure with certainty. One thing is certain, if we are to believe the images of the finale, Victoria’s mother did not keep her promise to get Commissioner back when she could.

Money Heist has ended, but…

After five seasons rich in twists and turns, La Casa de Papel or Money Heist has come to an end since it went online on 3 December. Prior to the airing of the final episodes, series creator Alex Pina had confirmed that there would be no additional seasons.

However, if there won’t be a sequel, fans can take comfort in the news of a -off around Berlin. This would be a new project slated for release in 2023.

In addition, a Korean version of the series is in the works with actor Park Hae-soo, a Squid Game star, who will reprise the role of Berlin, originally played by Pedro. Alonso.

Previously, in Season 5, a few minutes before the moment when Tokyo does, there crops up a continuity error. The army gives notice that a part of the gang is in the pantry, so a sniper from abroad decides to act and fires several shots that hit the Such. Already injured, she asks her companions to escape, but Denver approaches her to try to help her, although he is unable to do so.

It is here, at the farewell, that we see the character of Jaime Lorente wearing a headset with which he communicates with The Professor, but from one moment to the next, he no longer has it in his ear. Then when he escapes, it is observed that magically wears the hearing aid again.

Some mistakes are glaring too. The Professor and Berlin are said to be brothers, but their last names are Marquina and de Fonollosa respectively. The maker tried to justify the faux pas in an interview, saying they were brought up by different mothers who, in the absence of the children’s father, gave their names to the kids. This is not true, as one Berlin tells The Professor in an episode that he had acquired their mother’s chronic disease genetically.

Then there is the anarchist narrative the plot tries to build, showing people cheering the robbers and the dacoits convincing two women cops that they are a better idea than the concept of a state that serves only the rich. Shot in the Spanish backdrop — and hence a part of the European Union — the Bank of Spain is, in fact, invested in humanitarian work big-time, just as the EU is.

The Money Heist plot makes another blunder in economic sense. In the first loot, the robbers print innumerable euros. If so done, the value of the currency will drop drastically and will remain not of much use to them.

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