Friday 1 July 2022
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Modi to Mamata: If you’re obsessed with proofs, dig out evidence of Ponzi scams rather than of Balakot airstrike

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh for their 'temporary' alliance of convenience and tried to explain why the sons of Lalu Prasad Yadav are squabbling in Bihar

Patna/Kolkata/Lucknow: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held public meetings in Balurghat in Bengal, Araria in Bihar and at Eta and Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, attacking opponents of the BJP everywhere.

In Eta, the prime minister targeted the -BSP combine. Modi said that there was an opposition alliance even before the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. When that election ended, the friendship ended too, Modi said, in an allusion to the SP-Congress alliance of 2017. That friendship turned into hostility, the prime minister said.

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“Now there is a new friendship. These friendships will break on 23 May (date of announcement of the Lok Sabha election results). “Bua-babua will then enact Enemy Part -2,” Modi said in a clear reference to Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav.

Modi said, “Before the Yogi government, there was an government here. They called themselves socialists and claimed they di Lohiaite politics. Instead of giving homes to the poor, the attention was on the chief minister’s own bungalow. We were seeking a list of poor people to write a letter from Delhi (for DBT), but he was busy decorating his own bungalow with foreign tiles and furniture.”

Readers may recall that Yadav’s departure from the residence of the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh was followed by a mini-scandal of sorts where it was reported that his men had dismembered all the furnishings of the building and carried them away.

Modi insinuates about Lalu’s family

Before targeting the Congress from Araria, where Modi said we entered the house of terrorists and hit them but leaders of the Congress had tears in their eyes, he said in Balurghat of West Bengal that “if Didi needs to find evidence, she must find the evidence of the chit fund scandals and infiltrators, and stop searching for evidence of the bravery of our heroes”.

Modi said in Araria, “This is the second such mass rally after Bengal. You are attending the rally in such a hot summer; your penance will not go in vain; I will return it with interest. This is the land of Phaniswarnath ‘Renu’, his grandson gave me the book, Maila Aanchal, in which it is written: ‘I will do sadhana under the soiled aanchal of -dwelling Mother India’. The sentence motivates all of us. Those who have problems with Mother India stand with those who raise the slogan ‘Bharat, tere tukde honge‘ (India, you will be disintegrated into pieces). How can they work for the development of India? How can they allow to perish in the service of the nation?”

The prime minister said, “When the development of the self and the family is the goal, divisions erupt everywhere,” in a reference to the fight between Tej Pratap Yadav and Tejashwi Yadav without naming them.

“In Bihar,” the prime minister said, “it is clearly visible. Today they are dedicated to votes alone.”

Dealing with the Congress, an RJD ally in Bihar, Modi said, “You have seen what patriotic politics is after the attack on Uri and then on Pulwama. India not only killed terrorists in their houses but also isolated Pakistan in the international arena. These parties had taken recourse to the kind of politics they are indulging in today also after the Batla House encounter in Delhi where our heroes had killed militants involved in several bombings. But instead of being happy with the action on militants, tears welled up in the eyes of Congress leaders.”

Attacking Mamata for chit fund scams

Modi said in Balurghat, “The whole country is saying that there is going to be something bigger in West Bengal. The speed-breaker will understand after 23 May the result of cheating the people, robbing their money and stopping development.” The prime minister has been referring to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as a “speed breaker” in this election campaign.

“I was watching in the media how ordinary people, our sisters taught Trinamool goons a lesson, despite their threats, as did the farmers, labourers, businessmen, mothers and sisters and the young. The report of voting in the first and second phases of elections in Bengal is not letting the speed-breaker sleep. The country is watching also the kind of heinous crime that is happening in her state of bewilderment. In Purulia, one of our workers was murdered,” the prime minister said.

The prime minister said, “People had very strong faith in Mamta Didi, but she has only cheated in the name of ma, maati, manush (mother, Mother Earth and people). Not only you but even I did the mistake. When I used to watch her on TV or meet her, it seemed she was the personification of simplicity, and that she wanted Bengal’s well-being and its freedom from communists. But when I see her work after becoming the prime minister, I hang my head in shame. Now I have recognised her. Every child of Bengal recognises her. She looted the poor, the wealth of the poor with Narada, Saradha and Rose Valley scams. Then, she made the scamsters MLAs and MPs. This chowkidar (watchman) will hold her accountable for every penny of the poor. Now, whatever it takes, you will not be able to stop justice.”

Catering to Bengal government workers, the prime minister said, “The way the aunt-nephew duo is defaming the people of West Bengal, it is shameful. Didi has money to give to goons, but there is no money to give dearness allowance to State government employees. The central government in Delhi implemented the Seventh Pay Commission in the neighbouring State of Tripura after the formation of the BJP government in that State, but here, Didi is still handing out salaries according to the Sixth Pay Commission. But she has the audacity to say that the West Bengal model should apply across the country!”

“Where there is a conspiracy to keep the poor poor, where Trinamool leaders rob the earnings of the poor, where it is difficult to worship and take out religious processions, where the people of other countries are called for election campaigning for appeasement… Has it ever happened that a person from another country came and preached here? Such a model is not approved even for West Bengal. The country needs an atmosphere where all are respected and secured. Only then will the world cheer for India.”

‘Modi government will be formed once again’

Prime Minister Modi said, “The result of the election will be out on 23 May. Then, once again, a Modi government will be formed. We are going to take stringent steps to identify the intruders to stop infiltration, which is obstructing the fencing work on the border. Rumours are being spread about the Citizenship Law. During Partition (of 1947), thousands of children of Mother India got stuck in hostile lands.”

“The leaders (of Pakistan) had assured those people they will get all the facilities, but those leaders did not fulfil their promise. They alienated these hapless people. Where will these people, who speak the language of Mother India, go from where they are held for their faith? It is the duty of every Indian to take them out of that hell. That is why we will pass the Citizenship Bill in Parliament.”

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