Sunday 28 February 2021
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Modi to launch anti-Covid-19 vaccination drive on 16 January

Modi is likely to launch the CoWin App, a digital platform created for real-time monitoring of Covid-19 vaccine delivery and distribution

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Politics India Modi to launch anti-Covid-19 vaccination drive on 16 January

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch India’s massive Covid vaccination drive on 16 January, the Union Health Ministry confirmed on 14 January.

The prime minister will role out the massive countrywide Covid-19 vaccination drive will be rolled out on 16 January. This will be the world’s largest immunisation exercise. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has decided, in consultation with the office of the President of India, to reschedule the polio vaccination day, known as the National Immunisation Day (NID) or Polio Ravivar, to 31 January, the ministry said.

On 16 January, Modi will likely interact via video link with some of the healthcare workers from across the country who will be receiving the shots on the first day.

Nearly three lakh healthcare workers at 2,934 inoculation centres will be vaccinated on the first day of the world’s biggest vaccination Covid-19 drive.  

Modi is likely to launch the CoWin (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network) App, a digital platform created for real-time monitoring of Covid-19 vaccine delivery and distribution.

In accordance with the guidelines issued to the shortlisted vaccination centres, the healthcare workers who have been registered on Co-WIN to be vaccinated on 16 January shall include not only doctors and nurses but also safai karmacharis, ambulance drivers, nursing orderlies, and from a mixed age group, including above 50 years. As per the government, the shots will be offered first to around one crore healthcare workers, and approximately two crore frontline workers, and later to persons above 50 years of age, followed by persons younger than 50 years of age with associated comorbidities.

The government has allocated full initial procurement of 1.65 crore doses of Covid-19 vaccines ― Covishield and Covaxin ― to all states and UTs in proportion to their healthcare workers database. “Therefore, there is no question of discrimination against any state in the allocation of vaccination doses. This is an initial lot of supply of vaccine doses and would be continuously replenished in the weeks to come. Therefore, any apprehension being expressed on account of deficient supply is totally baseless and unfounded,” said the Health Ministry.

Each vaccination session will cater to a maximum of 100 beneficiaries. States have been asked to arrange vaccination sessions estimating 10% reserve/wastage doses and an average of 100 vaccinations per session per day. Keeping this in mind, the ministry had on Wednesday asserted that any undue haste on the parts of the states to organise unreasonable numbers of vaccination per site per day is not advised. Moreover, States/UTs have been asked to expand the number of vaccination session sites to be operational every day in a gradual manner as the vaccination process stabilises and moves forward.

Cost of vaccination of healthcare and frontline workers will be borne by the Centre.

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