Monday 17 January 2022
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Modi to CMs: Be ready for post-Omicron variants

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said despite Covid-19 cases increasing in the country, there was no need to panic as whatever variant it may be. He said the way to fight the pandemic was vaccination.

This was the first meeting of Prime Minister Modi with the chief ministers of states and lieutenant governors of union territories in 2022. The meeting comes on a day India recorded over 2.47 lakh fresh infections. “This is the third year of India’s fight against the pandemic. India’s victory is certain,” Prime Minister Modi said in his closing remarks at the interaction with the chief ministers.

Local containment, extensive vaccination and pro-active steps are the three major points the prime minister emphasised. People may also try India’s age-old wisdom of drinking kadha, prime minister Modi said. “It is not a medicine, but a tried-and-tested tradition of India,” Prime Minister Modi said.

On Omicron, the variant which is the present surge of the pandemic in India and the world, Prime Minister Modi said in the initial days of the Omicron outbreak, there was some doubt regarding Omicron. “But now the situation is clear and countries like the United States are reporting 14 lakh cases in a day because of Omicron,” the prime minister said.

“Now we have the experience of fighting the pandemic for two years. We must take into account the question of people’s employment before we take any action. So, more focus should be on local containment. We should also ensure that maximum people should get treated in home isolation,” the prime minister said.
Several states and union territories have announced night curfew and weekend curfew to contain the spread of the infection.

“Our preparation should be ahead of all variants of Covid. After we tide over Omicron, we have to make preparation in place to fight other variants of the virus as well. And in this, states will cooperate with each other,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Calling out news regarding vaccination, Prime Minister Modi said there were narratives like why vaccination was not stopping fresh infections but people should not pay heed to all these as vaccination was the only sure-shot way to come out of the pandemic.

“It is India’s pride that India’s vaccines against Covid-19 have been globally acknowledged and India has achieved landmark vaccination figures even before India’s vaccination drive completes a year,” Prime Minister Modi said.

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