Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaModi recalls long association with Mangeshkars while receiving first Lata award

Modi recalls long association with Mangeshkars while receiving first Lata award

PM Narendra Modi recalled how more than four decades ago, he was introduced to Lata Mangeshkar, and how she had been like an elder sister since then

Prime Minister on Sunday received the first Lata Deenanath Mangeshkar Award for his selfless service to the nation and at the 80th annual Master Deenanath Mangeshkar Awards ceremony in Mumbai.

Modi, who was earlier in Jammu and Kashmir, for Mumbai and arrived at Maharashtra’s capital city at around 4.45 PM.

Addressing the award ceremony, Modi said that he dedicates this award to all citizens of the country.

“Music can give a feeling of motherhood and love. Music can take you to the pinnacle of patriotism and duty. We all are fortunate that we have seen this power of music, this power in the form of Lata didi,” Modi said.

He said he is not knowledgeable about a subject like music. “But from cultural understanding, I feel that music is also a sadhana and an emotion.”

The Prime Minister also said that apart from being an empress of music, Lata Mangeshkar was also his elder sister.

“What can be a greater privilege than to have got the of a sister from Lata didi, who has given the gift of love and emotion to generations,” he said.

The Lata Deenanath Mangeshkar Award was instituted in the memory and honour of Lata Mangeshkar, affectionately known as Lata didi, who died at the age of 92 on 6 February.

In a statement issued by the Master Deenanath Mangeshkar Smruti Pratishthan charitable trust, the award will be given each year to only one individual with path-breaking, spectacular and exemplary contributions to the country, its people and the society.

Referring to Modi, who will be the first recipient, the statement said, “He is an international statesman who has put India on the path of global leadership. The spectacular progress that has, and, is taking place in every aspect and dimension of our beloved nation is driven and inspired by him. He is indeed one of the greatest leaders our great nation has seen in its glorious history of thousands of years.”

On 6 February evening, Modi paid his last respects to Lata Mangeshkar at the Shivaji Park in Mumbai where her funeral was held. Taking to Twitter, Modi said earlier in the day that her songs brought out a variety of emotions.

“She (Lata Mangeshkar) closely witnessed the transitions of the Indian film world for decades. Beyond films, she was always passionate about India’s growth. She always wanted to see a strong and developed India,” Modi added.

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