Modi: Pakistan cornered; some at home helping terrorists

Pakistan that cannot face the world is spreading confusion quoting statements of some Indians, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said


Kanpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a sharp attack on the opposition while speaking of the Pulwama terror attack. The prime minister said that, on the one hand, we are proud of the bravery of our soldiers; on the other, there are some people within the country whose statements terror-sponsoring Pakistan is taking advantage of.

The prime minister said, “Pakistan was caught red-handed this time. Today it is under pressure. It cannot face the world, but it is spreading confusion by circulating the statements of such people (people within the country).”

The prime minister said that terrorism could be eliminated from the country by 100 crore Indians. He said, “With your support, I can take such tough steps against terror.”

‘Question raised on defence forces shameful’

In his address after the launch of several schemes in Kanpur, the prime minister attacked the opposition. The prime minister said, “We all are proud of the bravery which our brave fighters showed after the Pulwama attack. But I regret that some people are trying day and night to belittle their feat. Such people should be ashamed. But, they are not ashamed.”

‘They speak in a manner that suits Pakistan’

Modi further said, “These people say things that Pakistan prefers. But, being in India and uttering such things is an insult to the armed forces. I am making a serious accusation, but this is the truth.”

“In our home, there are some people whose statements are benefiting terrorists’ sympathizers’,” the prime minister said.

‘Elections will come and go; the enemy can’t take advantage of it’

The prime minister said the elections would keep coming and going but the enemies of the country should not take advantage of it. “It is a responsibility for all of us. But is this the responsibility of the Army alone? Is it not the responsibility of every party, every leader as well? How fair is it to benefit the terrorists for the sake of opposition to Modi?”

The prime minister said that the statements of his political opponents, who are giving statements due to Modi’s opposition, are helping the terrorists.

‘We will uproot terror’

The prime minister said that his government wanted to end terrorism. Modi said, “With your strength, we are continuously taking stringent measures against terrorism. Terrorists are now staring at their end. That is the reason they are anxious. This is the reason why the terrorists tried to attack Jammu again on Thursday. But we will retaliate. They will finish them.”

The prime minister said further it was time to be conscious and be together. He said the country could end terror only when the Indians are all together. “There ought to be unity and goodwill between us so that nobody can create confusion,” Modi said.

Attack on Kashmiris

The prime minister dealt with the attack on a Kashmiri shopkeeper in Lucknow. Modi praised Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for handling the situation well. The prime minister said, “Maintaining an atmosphere of unity in the country is very important. The Uttar Pradesh government has taken prompt action on the people who manhandled our Kashmiri brothers. I will urge other state governments to take strong action whenever wherever an incident of the kind happens.”