Saturday 21 May 2022
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Modi helpless against RobEarth Vadra?

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Gurgaon: It all started when on July 2012, Ashok Khemka wrote a letter to Additional Chief Secretary and Financial Commissioner(Revenue). The letter hinted at a politician-bureaucrat nexus in the transfer of panchayat to private individuals and builders in Gurgaon, without approval by authority. Khemka subsequently ordered a probe into the land deals in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Palwal and Mewat since 2005. The Haryana government decided to transfer him and soon after that Arvind Kejriwal took this matter into his own hands. Arvind Kejriwal alleged that Khemka was transferred by congress led Hooda government because he was probing Robert Vadra’s land deal in Gurgaon.There were also allegations that realty giant DLF enjoyed a quid pro quo with Vadra which helped it get prime land in Haryana. The Robert Vadra-DLF nexus also shot to fame when another shady deal came to light. Vadra’s company Skylight Hospitality is accused of buying a 3.5acre plot for seven times its purchase price by Vadra. As Robert Vadra’s name came into limelight and he being the son-in-law of the oldest and most powerful family in India politics, this issue gained tremendous media attention and public outrage.

Subsequently, the chief minister clarified that he did not give undue favour to anybody. This issue was quickly cashed in by AAP and BJP. Both the parties gained considerable political mileage. However as Narendra Modi became increasingly dominant in the scenario, he also poked the fire by using the Vadra case.

Now halfway through the BJP government, one might wonder as to why no action is being taken against Robert Vadra? Although both the central and state are BJP led, there is little hope, if any that action will be taken against the ‘national damad’ (son-in-law).

Dhingra Committee report

After SN Dhingra’s one-man commission submitted a report to the Haryana government on granting of Change of Use (CLU) licences in four villages of Gurgaon during the rule of the previous Congress government hinting at irregularities, the State government has now set up a committee to study the report and give its recommendations.

However, Vadra’s firm held only a small portion of holding compared to others. Dhingra has however hinted at irregularities and action based on his report is awaited.

Behind the curtains

It is not clear why BJP hushed down the issue and is keeping quiet about it. Probably the BJP leaders are themselves in a hidden coalition as they are to benefit from several of their own properties lying along the Delhi-Jaipur highway.

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Vineet Pawar
Vineet Pawar
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