Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Modi, Harris talk Pakistani terrorism

Interestingly, it was US Vice-President Kamala Harris who brought up the issue suo motu during the meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi


US Vice President Kamala Harris, during her maiden meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, brought up the issue of Pakistan’s role in terrorism. Harris said that there were terror groups working in Pakistan and that she had asked to take action so the matter did not threaten the security of India and the United States.

“When the issue of terrorism came up, the vice president suo motu referred to Pakistan’s role in that regard (terrorism),” foreign secretary Shringla told reporters, following the key meet between the Indian prime minister and the US vice president.

Shringla, when asked if the issue of Pakistan’s role in terrorism had come up during Harris’s meet with Modi, confirmed the development, saying that the US vice president had mentioned there were terror groups working in Pakistan.

“She has (Harris) asked Pakistan to take action so that this will not impact US security and that of India,” the foreign secretary of India was quoted as saying. “She agreed with the prime minister’s briefing on the fact of cross-border terrorism, and the fact that India has been a victim of terrorism for several decades now and on the need to rein in, and closely monitor Pakistan’s support for such terrorist groups.”

Kamala Harris noted that it was incumbent on the US and India to protect democracies in the best interests of the people in the two countries.

Prime Minister Modi held the meeting with vice president Harris at the White House on 23 September during which they decided to further cement the Indo-US strategic partnership and discussed global issues of common interest, including threats to democracy, Afghanistan, and the Indo-Pacific.

Modi had thanked Harris for extending support to India “like a family, with a sense of kinship” when she had called some months ago in the midst of a devastating second wave of Covid-19 cases sweeping through India. He then went on to extend Harris an invitation to visit India, to which Harris nodded.

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