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Modi, fearing Jharkhand wouldn’t be a cakewalk, reminds voters of Karnataka

Prime Minister Narendra Modi detailed before the people of Jharkhand the sequence of events in Karnataka since the BJP had emerged as the SLP up to today's results of the by-elections


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing an election rally in Barhi on Monday ahead of the third round of Jharkhand Assembly election, reminded the people of the fate of Karnataka even as the news of BJP’s strong position in the trends of results was pouring in. He appealed to the public if they wanted Jharkhand to develop, they must help the BJP form the government with an absolute majority or see the kind of uncertainty that Karnataka had been witnessing until the by-election results of Monday.

Modi, while referring to the political crisis of Karnataka, warned the people of Jharkhand and said, “If we get a hung Assembly, the destroyers like those seen in Karnataka will come to the fore. So let us decide we will not allow Jharkhand to be ruined.”

The BJP has won 12 of the 15 seats that the high court allowed to face the by-elections while withholding polls in two of the seats. The INC, which was leading in two seats as per the early trends, accepted defeat even as its ally JD(S) ended with a tally of nil. Siddaramaiah has resigned from the party post as a result.

Modi lashed out at the INC-JD(S) coalition government of Karnataka, saying, ‘The chief minister they created (HD Kumaraswamy) to stop the BJP was made to work at gunpoint every day. That chief minister used to cry and plead before the people. The chief minister of Karnataka had a plight worse than that of a hostage.”

‘INC betrays coalitions,’ Modi tells Jharkhand

Modi said, “The INC has never lived up to the alliance’s trust. It uses alliances and associates like puppets and exploits mandates for its selfish ends. This does not give the right governance to the public; the whole State sinks in uncertainty and dubious deals between politicians. So, choose the BJP with an absolute majority so that Jharkhand gets stable governance and you get five years of development.”

Referring to the Karnataka Assembly election, Narendra Modi said, “The people had given the mandate to the BJP to form the government in the elections, but the Congress did not let the BJP form the government by playing behind the scenes. But today people have punished them; BJP is winning most seats and is moving fast towards a sweep.”

Referring to the election result trends, Modi said, “I once again thank the people of Karnataka for reposing faith in BJP for stability and development. The people of Karnataka have made sure that Congress or JDS will not be able to betray the people there.”

‘Remember, Jharkhand, the truth of Karnataka’

Referring to Karnataka, Modi said, “This is a message to all the States of the country that if someone goes against the mandate, cheats the people, the public will punish them as soon as they get the first opportunity.”

“The people of Jharkhand must remember the truth of the Congress. It is important to remember the results of Karnataka. This is a strong message to the leaders who are doing politics in the country. It is necessary to defeat one candidate each of Congress and its allies in Jharkhand as well,” the prime minister said.

Attacking INC’s politics, Modi said, “The Congress has always done two things primarily. One, a game of loot. Loot and let others loot, too. Two, suspending. If they cannot loot, they keep an issue hanging. It is the Congress which kept the controversy over the birthplace of Lord Ram lingering for decades for its vote-bank politics.” The prime minister had mentioned the Ayodhya verdict in his previous rallies in Jharkhand, too.

The prime minister claimed some credit for the Supreme Court’s verdict on the vexing Ayodhya case when he said, “This verdict came when you formed a strong BJP government in Delhi.”

Moving to the subject of social justice, Modi said, “For decades there has been a demand in the country that the OBC commission should be given constitutional status to protect the interests of crores of OBC families in Jharkhand and the country. But the Congress and its allies neither did nor allowed this work to save the interests of the backward.”

“The movement had been going on for decades to demand reservation for poor families of the general class. Our government worked to give a 10% reservation to the poor of the general class,” the prime minister said.


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