Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Modi: Congress gets stomach cramps on hearing surgical strike

Considering that he was in the midst of a people who contribute immensely to the security of the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the Congress for its approach to the issue of national security

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s has intensified his attacks on the Congress just before the end of the election campaign. The prime minister today, addressing an election meeting in Gohana of Haryana, said, “Congress’s suffers stomach cramps when it hears about the surgical strike.” He invoked the move of his government to in-effect abrogate Article 370, too, motivated by the nationalism of the people of Haryana.

The prime minister said, “Since 5 August, no medicine has been working on the Congress leaders and their friends. Abdominal pain has become an incurable disease of Congress,” referring to the day when the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was revoked.

Prime Minister Modi aroused the crowd of the state that sees many youths joining the security forces, “What is the chemistry of Congress with Pakistan? Who is this chemistry meant for? You have to find the answer in this election. The Congress has no idea of ​​the grief of the mothers and daughters of Haryana, who have seen their sons and fathers getting martyred for Mother India.”

Modi said that the sentiments of the brave sons of Haryana who were guarding securing Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh did not matter to the Congress.

The prime minister said that the Congress had grown a crop of corruption on the farmer’s fields and, in the game, it can only harvest scams. “You have been well aware of the situation of sports and sportspersons during the Congress rule,” he told the people who specialise in sports disciplines like wrestling, too.

In Hisar, Modi said that Haryana had filled his bag every time and this time, Hisar was going to give a strong mandate in favour of the BJP. He said that this time all records in Haryana would be broken. “Give me the authority of Haryana completely. I am your partner of happiness and sorrow,” Modi appealed for votes thus.

The prime minister said, “I have ended Article 370 for my brave soldiers. We cannot let the terrorists kill at will. Now the country has changed, there will be no waiting now.”

Prime Minister Modi said that earlier there was such a government in Delhi that did not care for the farmers of Haryana who needed an abundant water supply. “But should water continue to flow in Pakistan and our farmers remain without water?” Modi asked, adding that he was indebted to Haryana, for which “I have made a decision and I will take the action now.”

The prime minister said, “I promise that Haryana will not give water to Pakistan.” Modi said when he talked about water, “some people burn”.

Modi then switched to his welfare schemes and questioned the conduct of the JJP and Congress in Parliament and went on to slam the Congress for its “exploits”. He said, “Today, 50 lakh families of the country are getting the benefit of Ayushman Bharat scheme. The opposition leaders opposed this plan, too”.

The prime minister said Congress leaders could think of their personal interests alone and could spare no time for Haryana.

Haryana and Maharashtra have elections on 21 October and the results of polls in both the states will be out on 24 October. The last day of campaigning is 19 October, tomorrow.

Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi also scheduled to address an election meeting on Friday, but the rally was cancelled. Rahul Gandhi would speak in lieu of her, sources in the Congress said, adding that Sonia Gandhi’s health did not permit “so much of exertion”.

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