Saturday 16 October 2021
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Modi at US-India summit: India on forefront in COVID vaccine research


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, delivering his keynote address at the third leadership summit of the US India Strategic and Partnership Forum (USISPF) today, said India was at the forefront of the research for COVID-19 vaccine.

Beginning his address, the prime minister had said, “When 2020 began, did anyone imagine how it would pan out? A global pandemic has impacted everyone. It’s testing our resilience, public health system and economic system. The current situation demands a fresh mindset where the approach to development is human-centric.”

Talking about the COVID-19 death rate in India, the prime minister said that it was one of the lowest per million in the world. “India, a with 1.3 billion people and limited resources, has one of the lowest death rates per million in the world. The recovery rate is also steadily rising,” said the prime minister at the summit.

He further said that while had impacted several things, it had not impacted people’s aspirations and ambitions. “In the recent months, there have been far-reaching reforms which are making business easier and red-tape lesser,” Modi added.

The theme of the 5-day Summit that began on the 31st of August is “US-India Navigating New Challenges”.

“Looking forward to address (sic) the @USISPForum #USIndiasummit2020. Will be sharing my views on ‘Navigating New Challenges.’ Do join live this evening, 3rd September, at 9 PM India time,” the prime minister had tweeted earlier.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal, US Vice-President Mike Pence and former Indian-American diplomat Nikki Haley are some of the key leaders who have participated in the virtual event so far.

The Prime Minister’s Office had informed yesterday that the event’s theme would cover various subjects such as India’s potential in becoming a global manufacturing hub, opportunities in India’s gas market, ease of doing business to attract FDI in India, common and challenges in tech space, Indo-Pacific economic issues, innovation in public health and others.

The USISPF is a non-profit organisation that works for the partnership between India and the US.

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