Thursday 2 December 2021
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Modi, After Hiatus, Looks Settled For Great Decisions

PM Narendra Modi has a unique style of dealing with things, rarely evident to friends or foes until a mission has been accomplished


Satya Pal Singh
Former senior editor at The Hindustan Times, has worked with Right Impact Media Inc, KRIBHCO, The National Herald and United News of India

Frankly, I had felt terribly disappointed for some time now, believing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was losing his old, time-tested and tried guts of a strong ruler that inspired not only the high spirit of nationalism and chaste “Bhartiyata” in Indian citizens but took the bull of evils of corrosive anti-nationalism, sedition, corruption and arrogance by the horns that raised its ugly head, blocking the progressive march of the nation, forcefully launched by him. In the midst of many venomous attempts of certain political forces to destabilize the meticulously functioning Modi government, not much was officially done to chastise these arrogant, pathological disruptors. Rather, Modi took all that patiently in his stride, inadvertently giving further impetus to the spread of this painful dross far and wide. That had become a matter of serious concern to the majority of Indian masses.

Lately, the entire Parliament session was wasted at a great cost, running into over Rs 150 crores, by the caustic harlequinades of these hubristic, conceited politicians, pressing their demands that made more noise and nonsense than substance. They alleged large-scale phone-tapping and spying over some prominent personalities in the country, using Israeli Pegasus spyware by government agencies and demanded an independent judicial probe. But the worst was they could produce no proof of the alleged spying. Hooligans in Parliament even scaled the desks and indulged in abusive and debased jargons. No one was punished.

Why were anarchists not arrested?

Similarly, crowds of Mandi-managed farmers launched a very funny movement and disrupted the lives of citizens across Delhi’s borders, demanding withdrawal of the three farm laws that were enacted by Parliament for boosting the agrarian economy and improving the lives and income of the farming community. It was surprising that no penal action was taken to straighten the irresponsible Tikait-led crowds, which included even Khalistani elements and hooligans, and frequently indulged in anti-national activities with impunity. They didn’t spare even the Red Fort on Republic Day and hoisted the Khalistani flag there. The question is : Why no suitable action was taken against these elements. And, why was Tikait, the inspiration of these reckless invaders, who even chased with tractors, with the intent to crush them, not incarcerated?

Likewise, the government’s vigorous efforts in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic were painted negatively by the Opposition. Even the vaccines that were indigenously produced by our scientists and the medical fraternity to saves people’s lives were called “Modi and BJP vaccines.” These apart, many more issues were raised to Parliament’s time that verged entirely on “anti-Modism”.

Time to tap everyone’s energy

However, Modi’s address on the 75th Independence Day from the ramparts of the Red Ford today infused great energy in the country’s masses and adequately reinforced his government’s commitment to take long strides in national security, all-round development and promotion of nationalism (‘Rashtrawad.’) His address, emerging visibly with a new, highly inspiring energy and splendid force that laid the blueprint of his commitment to the nation of a progressive march forward on the principle of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayaas” was a great message to the people. To his existing three oft-repeated formats of development, the PM added the forth one, “Sabka Prayaas”, one that invited every Indian national to extend his or her useful efforts towards nation-building. These formats, he said, were “very important for the achievement of all our goals.”

Veiled warning to China, Pakistan

Modi made significant swipes at both China and Pakistan. He hit out at the “expansionist” forces that show a distorted mindset, warning them against taking advantage of India’s tolerance. He said the nation’s soldiers would give a fierce reply if our borders were threatened. He issued a stiff warning also to Pakistan against indulging in foolish terror adventurism. He said, “the world is looking at India from a new perspective. India is fighting both the challenges of terrorism and expansionism. Answering with courage. We will leave no stone unturned to strengthen the hands of the Indian Army.”

Some decisive actions in pipeline?

His body language and his speech appeared to suggest that he was ready to take tough decisions in the national interest. He looked firmly in the saddle to go ahead and press even those controversial issues that have been overdue for a long time. Uniform Civil Code and the law to check uncontrolled population, for instance, have been in great national demand and a necessity to deliver equal rights and justice to every citizen of the country. UP and Assam have already moved assertively on the law to control the population. Next in line may be Tripura and Madhya Pradesh. Even the national population control policy, it appears, may not wait too long now. Just peruse his words

A time comes in the development journey of every country when that nation defines itself from a new end when it takes itself forward with new resolutions. Today, that time has come in India’s development journey.

Homage to national heroes

Modi paid glowing tributes to national heroes and freedom fighters whose sacrifices won us freedom. He talked of the brave soldiers, busy providing security to the nation and the youth energy and their great ‘arm power’ being tapped for national growth and development.

On the Covid-19 front, he said, India faced many challenges but we worked with extraordinary pace in every area. “It’s a result of the strength of our industrialists and scientists that today India doesn’t need to depend on any other nation for vaccines,” he said.

Government schemes to pick pace

Briefly recounting his government’s achievements, Modi said, “Benefits of many schemes that started in the last seven years have reached the doorsteps of crores of poor. From Ujjwala to Ayushman Bharat, the poor of the nation knows their schemes’ strength.

Today, government schemes have picked up pace & are reaching their goals…We have to ensure we meet our goal of building Aatmanirbhar Bharat when we celebrate 100 years of India’s Independence.”

Honour for partition sufferers, athletes

From now on, Modi said, 14 August would be observed as ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day’, to honour the pain and sufferings faced by the people of India during the Partition.”He also urged the nation to applaud the achievements of the athletes who have made us proud at the Tokyo Olympics. “They have not only won our hearts, but inspired future generations,” he said.

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