Friday 2 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaModi after inaugurating 1st 24x7 solar-powered village in India: We will not...

Modi after inaugurating 1st 24×7 solar-powered village in India: We will not pay for electricity but…

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Modhera village of District Mehsana in Gujarat said soon the state would start selling electricity and no one would need to pay for it. At the inauguration of multiple projects in Modhera, the prime minister said, "Now we will not pay for electricity, but start selling it and earn from it. Until a while ago, the govt used to supply electricity to citizens but now, with the installation of solar panels, citizens will produce their own electricity."

Addressing the gathering, the prime minister said, "Today, new of development has been infused for Modhera, Mehsana and the whole of north Gujarat. From electricity and water to road and rail. Many projects related to dairy, skill development and have been inaugurated and foundation stones have been laid today." Modhera is known for the temple; now it will also be known as a solar-powered village, Prime Minister Modi said.

The project involves developing a ground-mounted solar power plant and more than 1,300 rooftop solar systems on residential and government buildings, all integrated with a Battery Storage System, as per a government release.

"For a self-reliant India of the 21 century, we have to encourage such efforts for our needs. I am working day and night to take Gujarat, the country and our coming generation in the direction of providing (energy security)," said the prime minister.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi had laid the foundation stone and dedicated multiple projects worth over Rs 3,900 crore in Modhera of District Mehsana in Gujarat. He also visited Modheshwari Mata in Modhera and offered puja at the temple. He was accompanied by Gujarat Chief Minister and state chief CR Paatil.

The assembly election in the Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled Gujarat is scheduled to be held by the end of this year.

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