Saturday 21 May 2022
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Mobile phones recovered from jail inmates in Pratapgarh, UP

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Pratapgarh: More than half-a-dozen mobile phones were recovered from the district jail here on Saturday afternoon when the authorities inspected the premises. The prison premises were thoroughly searched for all sorts of objectionable materials. The kitchen, barracks etc. were deeply probed.

It is not the first time that prison inmates have been caught possessing mobile phones. The mobile phones are used to run gang activities, contact family members and also for entertaining the inmates.

During previous surprise raids, prison inmates were found using mobile phones to operate network from within the prison cell. The inmates also use the of the prison to intimidate and threaten their opponents. Some even consider the prison to be an ideal place to make calls for extortion and deals for blood money.

Considering the fact that the atmosphere of Uttar Pradesh is politically charged now, many criminals are busy expanding their network, using their influence to gain favours from the political parties they work for. At such a time, police stay vigilant to avert any untoward incident and this surprise raid is one of the many that will be conducted across the state to ensure a fair and peaceful electoral process.

About a week ago, the authorities had conducted a surprise raid in the Saharanpur District Jail where nothing was found.

After the latest incident, jailer Santosh Kumar lodged a complaint against the 8 prisoners in the city police station. The jailer said that the detainees creating nuisance can also be sent to non-district jails.

As a precautionary measure, the Provincial Armed Constabulary will be deployed in the prison compound to maintain order and to prevent the prison authorities from being harassed by the inmates. As soon as news of inspection spread through the District Jail, panic seized the authorities and as well as the prisoners.

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