Thursday 9 December 2021
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Mobile phone record of Sharjeel telling as much as hiding facts

While the WhatsApp record of Sharjeel Imam establishes him as a radical Islamist, his mobile phone strangely does not have any contact number

A team of the crime branch of Mumbai Police, which is interrogating Sharjeel Imam infamous for Islamist speeches of disintegrating the country, on examining the mobile phone of the accused has found little room for him to escape the law. The police team came to Delhi on Friday with the handset without hacking it. After Sharjeel unlocked it, police found a lot of WhatsApp groups, with most of them having Muslim members. Some groups are of students. A lot of them circulated not only Sharjeel Imam’s notorious speeches that are now known to the whole country, thanks to the videos going viral, but they also fed the groups with other extremist Islamic speeches from across the world.

This mobile phone of the sedition accused is now one of the pieces of evidence for the police. A police team is investigating the of the accused too while trying to retrieve deleted data from the mobile handset.

Police sources questioning the accused say that the Sharjeel Imam is not only vicious but also has good oratory skills and is cunning. He tried to trick the police with his words. He described the amended citizenship law (CAA) as completely wrong according to the Constitution.

The accused, during interrogation, reiterated to the police that he was strongly against the CAA. He wanted to force the government to withdraw the newly amended citizenship law under any circumstances. For this, he asked people to come out on the streets against the government and this law.

While Sharjeel Imam is identified as an organiser of the squatting protest, he provoked people outside Delhi too — at several places that witnessed protests against the CAA.

According to police sources, most of the chats in the mobile phone of the accused are against the CAA and NRC. Sharjeel makes a variety of arguments in groups denouncing the CAA. He urges other members to hit the streets against the law. He believes that the protests against the CAA and NRC should be conducted on such a large scale that the government has no option but to back off. The police are preparing a list of people associated with Sharjeel Imam via WhatsApp groups.

The intriguing aspects of Imam’s mobile phone record

The police team examining the mobile phone found no number or photograph in it. When Sharijeel Imam was asked about this, he told he did not know anything. He put the mobile back in the standby mode and returned it to the police.

When the police asked why the phone did not have the numbers of Imam’s friends and relatives, he said that he did not save those numbers.

The police are sending the mobile handset to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) as this explanation of Sharjeel is not satisfactory. The FSL will try to recover the deleted data too.

Till today, the police team has not been able to access even the original version of the first video that had gone viral. Sharjeel could not tell the police who circulated those videos. This was the third consecutive day when the police tried to crack the case but couldn’t.

The cops questioned Sharjeel’s friends. None could tell who made the video. Getting hold of the original video is legally important to make an airtight case against Sharjeel Imam in the court.

Idea of Sharjeel penetrates LGBT rally in Mumbai

Mumbai Police is investigating a video of a public demonstration where some participants raised slogans allegedly in support of Sharjeel Imam. This video is going viral on social media. In this video, some people are heard shouting slogans like, “Sharjeel tere sapne ko hum manzil tak pahunchāyenge” (Sharjeel, we will help realise your dream). Mumbai Police is investigating this video.

This was a rally held against the CAA and NRC on Saturday at in Mumbai. It was named Queer Azadi March.

Saurabh Boundre, an organiser of the event, has confirmed that this video is of Saturday’s programme. He said that some unknown people raised such slogans and the organisers did not approve of it. He said that the organisers tried to prevent such people from raising these slogans.

Before allowing the event, Mumbai Police had the organisers sign an affidavit pledging that no slogan would be raised at the event. After these videos surfaced, the police called the organisers for questioning.

People of the LGBT community participated in this programme. They were reportedly upset with this slogan. Boundre said that due to such slogans, the real purpose of this event was lost. Pallav, one of the organisers of the demonstration, blamed the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) for the slogans raised to celebrate Sharjeel Imam.

Earlier, the example of Sharjeel Imam has been learnt to have inspired some Muslim women demagogues in different parts of the country.


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