Thursday 28 January 2021
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MLA of BJP sailing on two boats in MP: Narayan Tripathi

The MLA had grabbed news headlines on 29 January by speaking against the CAA that his party has been campaigning for since its enactment

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Politics India MLA of BJP sailing on two boats in MP: Narayan Tripathi

Amid the political crisis in Madhya Pradesh, where 106 BJP MLAs went to the Raj Bhavan on Monday and were paraded in front of Governor Lalji Tandon, there was one MLA who was conspicuous by his absence. He chose to go back to Chief Minister Kamal Nath.

BJP MLA from Maihar Narayan Tripathi was in Bhopal on Monday, but MLA he came out after the assembly session was adjourned till 26 March, but did not go to Raj Bhavan with the party MLAs.

The MLA left from here, reached the chief minister’s house and met Kamal Nath. This meeting lasted about 20 minutes. After this, Tripathi spoke to journalists, explaining why had gone to the chief minister’s house.

The MLA said, “I met the chief minister, talked to him and came out. If one meets the chief minister, what do you think would be the agenda for the meeting? As such, I meet everybody. Today I will meet Shivraj Singh Chouhan as well.”

On the question of not going to the Raj Bhavan, Tripathi said, sounding annoyed, “I did not go because I did not feel like it. I am currently an MLA of the BJP. I will decide the rest when the time comes.”

Who is this MLA?

The MLA had grabbed news headlines on 29 January by speaking against the amended citizenship law that his party, the BJP, has been campaigning for since its enactment in the parliament. He had said the BJP should either follow Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Constitution or “tear and throw it away”, as the nation could not be divided along religious lines.

“There is a civil war-like situation in every street, which is fatal for our country. We cannot imagine development in a civil war-like situation. I opposed it (CAA) when I became aware of such a situation. Not only in my constituency Maihar, but similar situation prevails in other places,” he said.

“We should either run the country according to the constitution or the BJP should come up with one of its own and tear and throw away B.R. Ambedkar’s Constitution which says all the people, irrespective of religion, will live together. The country cannot be divided on the basis of religion,” the Maihar MLA had said.

Governor, BJP mount pressure on chief minister

Governor Lalji Tandon has asked Chief Minister Kamal Nath to prove his majority tomorrow (17 March). The governor issued a letter in this regard. The letter said if the Kamal Nath government did not prove his majority, his government would be considered a minority dispensation.

The BJP filed a petition in the case, which will be heard in the Supreme Court on Tuesday before the bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and Hemant Gupta.

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