Sunday 26 September 2021
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Mischievous ‘Intellectual’ Surfaces To Blame Patel For Kashmir Mess

Amitabh Sinha
Lawyer at the Supreme Court of India, educationist heading colleges of different universities

A sinister video was floated on the eve of Independence Day, shifting the blame for the mess in Jammu and Kashmir from India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to its first Home Minister Vallabhbhai Patel. It began being shared wildly via WhatsApp at a time when the credulous eagerly consume any story about the nation that they are fed. As I watched this supposed intellectual Srinath Raghavan hold forth on issues pertaining to the history of India, am amazed at how mischievously and in a surgically precise way he is helping the MCC (Muslim-Congress-Communist) gang. Worse, he has been given an background to divert people from his anti-nationalist agenda given our propensity to hold the army above all fault.

It’s a terribly dangerous and vicious game being played once again against nationalist interest just as the country was waking up to the fact that it needed to uphold India first and foremost.

Beginning with blaming Vallabhbhai Patel for the imposition of Article 370 rather than the truth which is Nehru. This is the foremost necessity of the INC today — to absolve him of all crime. The timeline gives it away- 6th August 2019 was when Article 370 was scrapped and 7th October 2019 is this speech. So within two months, this entire mission is set in motion — question Vallabhbhai so that interest is awakened and then say that Article 370 was not the problem.

Raghavan goes on to predict that and prosperity will not come to the region if it is abrogated. He connects the imposition of 370 to 371, which was imposed in states where there was an extensive tribal population that needed to be assured that the Union of India is all for their integration into society. So where is the similarity here?

The king had already signed complete accession over to India, then why was Nehru’s empathy with the Muslims there? When such an entire shift of population was taking place in the continent, why did the Muslims in Kashmir not shift out to Pakistan?

Again, the MCC combine, the falsetto of ‘Kashmiriyat’, Nehru’s unnatural and mysterious fondness for Sheikh Abdullah — all came together to botch up the state’s affairs. Such biased fondness for Kashmiri Muslims that it should have been given special status. Moreover, even Article 370 was temporary, given as a sop- again wrong but yet… then why consider it permanent?

Also, an investigation into the connections of this man is merited. He has a strange and suspicious background. He joins the on a short term service commission, gathers all kinds of information and at the behest of which camp is worth questioning, then leaves and gets a scholarship and studies in England and self-declares himself an intellectual who will now spout pseudo-crap at an already gullible Indian people.

The ‘intellectual’ is brought back, awarded some 70 lakhs tax-free amount from Infosys for what? Similar think tanks come together to celebrate him and then in a weird twist, in 2016, he is commissioned to write a book on the Kargil War by the Ministry of Defence. How on earth did he manage that? What’s the book- that’s also a mystery.

What needs to be understood and analysed is this man, obviously, an MCC nexus henchman, is suddenly being projected as a war historian? Someone who Ramachandra Guha, the infamous -eating ‘intellectual’ waxes eloquent on? That’s his USP?

We must realise that this man has been planted to deflect the issue to Vallabhbhai Patel. To absolve Nehru. To dampen the feeling of pride and happiness that each true Indian felt when the abrogation happened. To confuse them, to demotivate a nationalistic cause, at the hands of an ex- man no less.

From what is in the public domain, it seems the current government is not exercising due diligence in its appointments. And perhaps the people it trusts are not that trustworthy. Raghavan was chosen by the Ministry of Defence to head a team of historians working on the official history of the Kargil War in 2016 — the government’s second year.

The suspicious aspects in Raghavan’s story are the Indian Council of Social Research and King’s College London. The ICSSR, the authority that recognises the CPR, is house to some of the vilest anti-India ‘intellectuals’. Run on taxpayers’ money, the institution has still not been ‘cleaned’ by the current dispensation. King’s College, on the other hand, has long been hostile to India. That is where Raghavan ultimately turned into a ‘historian’. Khushwant Singh was a product of the same college.

But this is not enough. Further and deeper research is needed into this man’s antecedents. He must be exposed.

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